Shambhacares 2018: It’s all about the people on the dancefloor

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In the event help is needed, the Shambhala Public Safety Team (made up of over ~1000 people) is here to help!

Know your location and call:

Shambhala On-Site Services
Medical, Fire, Security, Harm Reduction

(The dispatcher will prompt you)

This number will get you any one or all of our highly trained Medical Teams, Fire Response, Professional Security or people from Harm Reduction.

1. Know your location, campground, street team or stage area. The more precise the better.
2. Stay on the phone and stay with the person in need. If safe to do so, stay in one spot
3. If the situation resolves please call back or wait for the team to arrive so that resources and time aren’t spent looking for people that no longer require or wish for assistance
4. If the area is too loud to make a phone call, or you are unable to phone, find a Shambhala team member and they can always radio for assistance.

*While on-site, dial the SOS # before 911. Our dedicated public safety team is more likely to arrive on the scene faster as 911 contacts the City of Salmo’s emergency response team.


Photo: Ricardo Hubbs

Look out for the security team in the yellow shirts. They are looking out for you out on the dancefloor and are here to keep everyone safe. As your first point of contact, they are super resourceful and can guide you to other services.

Fire Supression

Photo: Adam Straughn

No campfires or open flames of any kind are permitted. The Salmo River Ranch is extremely dry during August and provincial fire bans are in effect.

How to report a fire!

We have a dedicated professional Fire Crew. In the case of fire, call the SOS #1-778-724-1119 or report to the nearest staff member immediately.

Drop Beats, Not Butts!

Photo: Adam Straughn

Smokers, please carefully and safely dispose of cigarettes. Do not toss them on the ground or garbage as this can start a fire. Look for these eco-friendly Pocket Ashtrays courtesy of The Green River Collective, or bring a small contained to dispose of butts.

Preventative Action

Take responsibility and avoid causing a fire
If your propane bottle is older than 12 years and is no longer safe to be refilled, please either have it replaced or refrain from bringing it
Do not leave your vehicle idling on grass
Turn off any heat generating appliances and keep them away from combustibles (i.e. tents)
No candles, fireworks, fire poi/hoops/other fire toys, fuel (white gas), tiki torches, bbqs (propane or charcoal), hibatchi style camp stoves, propane powered heaters or propane campfires

Harm Reduction

Photo: Dave Ladner


Identified by their purple bandanas.

– Information on possible risks with different substances
– Free pill testing, condoms, lubricants, and safer sex information
– Safer party information, resources, and support

Options for Sexual Health

Non-judgmental, accurate sexual education, safe sex supplies
Hours with the ‘Ask a Sexpert’ available at Option Booth by Wishing Tree

Safe Space

Open 24 Hours a Day
For: Anyone that feels vulnerable or have disclosed that they’ve been assaulted. Volunteers are trained in crisis intervention and support people in need and connect them to resources in their own community


  • Open 24 Hours a Day
  • Located downtown
  • Staffed by a full team of trained Medical Professionals
  • Able to treat and manage everything from cuts to medical emergencies
    Mobile paramedics teams respond anywhere on site in minutes for SOS and other calls
  • Can provide resources including Plan B (for purchase) and arrange for prescription pick ups


Photo: Charlotte Dobre

Mental Health

If you or someone you know is experiencing any mental-health related issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, hallucinations, delusions or dissociation, visit the Sanctuary for a cool and quiet place that’s staffed with experienced professionals.

Get Home Safe

Photo: Super Maniak

Make sure you get enough sleep before taking the long journey home on those mountain roads!

Plan a designated, rested driver for Monday morning
Schedule a departure time
Always have a conscious co-pilot
Consider local hotel/motel/camping options if you have have a long drive home ahead of you

Call 911 once you’re OFF-site if you need emergency assistance.

*Expect high police presence on the way in and out of the event

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