Plan Your Journey 2018: Getting Here

Important Arrival Information 

You are just days away from #Shambhala2018! In order to ensure a smooth and safe arrival for yourself and fellow Farmily, please read the important information below so you’ll be completely ready to strap in and enjoy all the magic of Shambhala Music Festival. Thanks for your cooperation and we’ll see you on the dancefloor.

Please remember, Early Entrance now begins Tuesday at 8 AM (PST)

You can purchase Early Entry for 8am Tuesday ($150), 8am Wednesday ($100) and 8am Thursday ($50). Please note that Early Entry rolls over at 8am daily. 

Please do NOT arrive before Tuesday at 8am. Arriving early is problematic for a number of reasons; it creates a bottleneck effect at the farm, including long wait times, as well as placing a strain on the surrounding community.

Map your journey and ensure that you are not set to arrive any earlier than Tuesday at 8am. Those who do arrive before Tuesday 8am will be placed in a holding lot and will be processed AFTER  those who arrive at the correct time.

Security and police will be monitoring the surrounding areas. If you arrive before 8am on Tuesday you will be placed in a holding lot and processed AFTER those who arrive at the correct time.


Shambhala  Music Festival  is incredibly pleased  to announce that we have  invested in new land to create  a bridge, providing a new opportunity  for an emergency evacuation route. The newly installed Bridge is strictly a second means of egress and is only to be used by emergency vehicles. We ask that our guests enter and exit the site via the main driveway, as done in previous years.

Border crossings USA   

If you have any questions about crossing the border, you can visit CBSA’s website.

You will need a valid passport to enter or leave Canada, and travel insurance is recommended if you are traveling internationally. If you have any questions about crossing the border, or if you would like to see your closest borders hours, please visit CBSA’s website.

Depending on your point of origin we would advise you not to use the Nelway border crossing unless necessary. This border crossing can experience long delays and heavy traffic. The Waneta or Paterson border crossing is recommended.

Please note: If you have a DUI in the USA, it’s unlikely that Canada Border Services will allow you into Canada.

Click here for a full list of CAD/US border crossings


Take care when driving on the highway to and from the festival, and ensure that you have a safe driver and co-pilot to navigate the journey home. Keep an eye out for rainbow flagging tape, signalling that you are 500m away from the turn into the Salmo River Ranch. When you see the rainbow flagging tape please start slowing down, use your signal and prepare to stop. Please do not brake without ensuring it is safe, giving vehicles behind you ample time to brake to avoid a collision.

Additionally, please do not park on the highway. Parking on the highway and congregating in rest areas is dangerous and places a strain on the traffic systems. Those who are found parking on the side of the highway or congregating in rest areas will be removed by the police and access will be delayed.

Please note that semi trailers are not permitted to make left turn into property in order to keep laneways clear. Semi trailers travelling the East or South must continue to Salmo, then turn around in order to make a right turn into the farm.

Please try to avoid making U-Turns on the highway. If you must turn around, please exit the highway to safely make your turn.

*For those traveling from the West, the Erie Creek Bridge, on Hwy 3 near Salmo, will be restricted to single lane traffic 24 hours per day. Expect delays.


There are two junctions on Highway 3 and 6, depending if you are westbound or eastbound. We advise you to reset your odometer once you reach either Salmo Junction or Nelway Junction so you can see how far you are from the driveway and when you need to begin to slow down.

Salmo Junction: 5.8 kms

Nelway Junction: 8.2 kms

Vehicle condition 

Make sure your vehicle is in good working condition (brake lights working, etc). There are numerous police roadblocks set up around the area where vehicle inspections are conducted, so please ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.

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