Fall Update: Life On The Farm

Fall Update: Life On The Farm

Shambhala Music Festival isn’t just home to thousands of our beautiful Shambhaloves, it’s also home to dozens of cows, donkeys, pigs, and other farm animals year-round. If you’ve been to the festival, you’ve likely been greeted by a few cute donkeys on your journey to your campsite. This is because Shambhala was built on the Salmo River Ranch, which has been operating as a family farm far before Shambhala’s humble beginnings, and continues to after our Shambhalovelies leave the dancefloor.

While we like to think the donkeys get down at The Pagoda, or the cows lounge in The Grove with the Gnomies, we don’t think they’re as into lasers and lights as we are. The animals were there long before us, which is why we have to treat their home with such great care. Picking up your cigarette butts, reducing your trash, and removing any MOOP (matter out of place), is imperative to ensuring the animals can stay healthy and live happily on the farm and that the beautiful crops can grow all year.

These cuties may not lounge with the Gnomies, but they still like a good snooze under the Salmo sun!

True to the Shambhala way, the farm continues to be as grassroots as it gets — supplying local, sustainably grown produce with that special Shambhalove various places. Year-round, the produce goes to Shambhala’s very own Savoy Hotel in Nelson, BC (Farm Fresh Cafe, Falls Music Lounge).

Oh my gourd! What a great selection of produce available for all of the wonderful Nelson locals, right outside of Shambhala HQ!

While your getting down with your fellow Shambhaloves, the farm is supplying food to several different food and beverage kiosks at Shambhala (Lemon Hut, Farm Phresh Smoothies, Blaze Burgers, Oink BBQ, Nightowl Café,and Pasta Joint).

If you’re lucky enough to be a part of our crew, all of our wonderful staff and volunteers pre-show and during the festival get fed the freshest and most nutritious meals made from food from the farm.

The farm staff works hard to provide only the best and healthiest selection of produce. As fall approaches, crew continue to work on the farm growing the tough vegetables that thrive in cooler temperatures. This includes lots of wonderful kale, amaranth, tomatoes, pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, peppers, and cabbage — all of which will end up on the plates of hundreds of Nelson locals.

While we’d like to say these are lucious palm trees (we’re always dreaming of warmer days), these tropical looking plants are actually kale!

It’s almost Halloween and we have all of the cutest mini pumpkins we need! Do you?

When spring and summer roll around, the farm will start growing delicious fruits and veggies for thousands of our guests, so when you return to the farm next year, grab a smoothie or Blaze Burger. Or the next time you’re in Nelson (perhaps on your journey to Shambhala), make sure you check out Falls Music Lounge and Farm Fresh and know all of your meals come as locally grown as it gets — right beneath your feet!

Mmmm. Our favourite Lemon Hut lemonade has us missing summer.

If you want to be a part of bringing the Shambhala gardens to life, or growing crops for our attendees, learn more about Joining The Crew for next year. We have lots of pre-show opportunities available and you’ll be fed nutritious meals made from the crops you help us grow. Applications for 2019 will become available in the new year.

We’re lucky to call the Salmo River Ranch Home. Nestled deep in the Kootenay mountains, it’s our beautiful haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. No traffic, car horns, concrete or big buildings. Just miles of lush forest and pure bliss all year round.

Ahh, so peaceful. The countdown to your float on the Salmo River is on!

Make sure you buy your Shambhala 2019 tickets, and we’ll see you on the farm!

By: Talia Smith
 loved Shambhala Music Festival long before she began working as the Entertainment Assistant two years ago, and that love only grew stronger when she was adopted into the
farmily. She now works in several areas of the music industry, returning HOME every year to be a part of the Shambhala magic. 

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