Earth Day at Shambhala Music Festival

Happy Earth Day, Shambhalovlies

We’d like to extend a warm Thank You to all our attendees who love the pristine Salmo River Ranch property just as much as we do.

Earth Day 2018 has announced a focus on mobilizing the world to end single-use plastics, which our festival wholeheartedly supports. 

Did you know that all of the disposable cutlery, containers and cups used at Shambhala Music Festival in the food court over the past five years are compostable? And that you can refill your own reusable water containers for free, instead of using single-use bottles?

These are just a couple facets of our overall commitment to lessening the impact of the festival on our beautiful farm.

Are you interested in helping make Shambhala Music Festival and other festivals you love cleaner, greener and more sustainable? Here are few simple ways you can participate:

  • Leave excess packaging at home. When you buy a new tent or other camping equipment, remove excess cardboard, plastic and other packing materials before coming to the festival.

  • Carpool. Reduce your impact on the environment by road tripping with a friend. Not only does this reduce emissions, but less vehicles = less impact on beautiful festival venues.

  • Level up your water bottle. Bring a big insulated canteen, or better yet, a hydro-pack. You’ll be able to do more dancing between hydration breaks and cut down on single-use beverage containers. Win-win.

  • Upgrade your glitter. Bio-glitter is all the rage, and it’s a healthier alternative for you and the planet to the traditional micro-plastic version.

  • Practice Leave No Trace. This may be unfamiliar to those of you who didn’t grow up camping, but the concept is simple: when you’re enjoying nature, leave the space you use cleaner than you found it. Take the time to tidy up your camp area and remove all trash before you leave.

Also new this year, reduce waste at the festival and bring your ShambhaMug to Night Owl Cafe and help save the trees and reduce waste on the farm!

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