Clean Beats and Party4Health: A perspective on sober partying

Nestled between the stages and workshops that take place over the course of Shambhala Music Festival, is a safe place that welcomes sober ravers with open arms. Camp Clean Beats has positioned itself as the camp to be when it comes to drug and alcohol free partying. Working alongside the Harm Reduction Team, this camp offers a refuge for those who aim to stay sober throughout the weekend on the farm; playing the role of confidante, friend, and mentor to all that choose to camp with them.

First established in 2013, this completely clean camp makes the promise to guests as they pre-register with them, that they will experience a supportive and sober environment during their time at the festival, and asks guests who are staying with them or just visiting, that they abstain from any drug or alcohol use * including weed * while at their campsite. Whether guests are in recovery, or simply choose to party sober, there is a spot for everyone who wishes to join. With optional recovery-based meetings offered 3 times a day, members are able to connect with fellow sober ravers and benefit from the support system in place. But don’t think that just because this camp is clean that they party any less! You can find Camp Clean Beat members throwing down until the sun comes up and their camp is filled with endless energy that you can’t help but be drawn to.

Camp Clean Beats at Shambhala Music Fest

Feeling some serious gratitude for our friend Daniel J Pierce & Ramshackle Pictures for this second cut promo video. We met Dan and his crew last year at Camp Clean Beats during Shambhala Music Festival while they were doing a piece for VICE on sober partying . After the show we learned about Dan's amazing project the Heartwood Documentree, which we highly recommend you check out. #gratitudeinaction #messageofhope #partysafe #partysober #saferspaces #harmreduction #wedorecover #recoveryispossible #heartwood

Posted by Camp Clean Beats on Thursday, July 13, 2017

For more information you can check out their Facebook page 


Joining forces with the Camp Clean Beats team for the first year is the Party4Health crew, comprised of dedicated volunteers. You may have seen them last year riding throughout the farm with a bike and a boombox, blasting tunes and spreading infectious cheer from camp to camp!

Party4Health at Shambhala

Party4Health took a trip to Shambhala Music Festival.Spreading healthy party culture far and wide.Thank you SOUNDBOKS for the speaker.See you at the Vélo Disco | The Party4Health Bike Rave.

Posted by Party4Health on Friday, August 18, 2017

Applying advanced party science, Party4Health is a Vancouver-based group on a mission to create Earth’s most engaging, inclusive, healthy party experiences. The fuel for these parties? Good people and heart-pumpin’ beats, as opposed to substances. Known for their Hike Raves, Bike Raves, and Morning Beach Parties, Party4Health leverages partying as a force for good: promoting social inclusion and social literacy, spreading fun and positivity, educating youth about healthy lifestyles, and boosting mental and physical health. What is the Party4Health guarantee? You’ll feel better the next day than if you had not partied!

The Party4Health team is a perfect addition to Camp Clean Beats, further proving that the best party drug is music itself. Shambhala Music Festival welcomes these supportive and enthusiastic individuals for another weekend of good vibes and safe partying.

Join the *sober* party and learn more info at their Facebook page 

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