Chuurch Artist Interview

Chuurch Artist Interview

Lean bass is our religion. Chuurch have quickly established themselves as trendsetters in the electronic music scene in the last few years. This producer duo from Calgary are comprised of West Coast Music Award nominated producer, Justin MacLean (aka Makemdef) and St.Francis Xavier University Jazz Music Alumnus, Jeff Wilson (aka EviCtion), who both come from a long history of solo performances and music production. Although coming from very different musical backgrounds, this dynamic duo have become a powerful force to be reckoned with and continue to intrigue audiences with their signature sound, “lean bass”,  stemming from hip hop and bass music influences.

Their first appearance at Shambhala on the Pagoda Stage in 2016 became one of the most talked about debuts of the year, and they have continued to pack out the stage every year since. Having recently signed on with United Talent Agency, Chuurch has some big things on the horizon. Watch their interview and hear why they call Shambhala Music Festival home.

Banner Photo: Joey Rootman

“Shambhala is the best part about what we get to do as musicians, and every year, it just doesn’t feel like work. It’s your favourite dj’s favourite festival for a reason. It’s where the teachers go to learn from the other teachers in the electronic music scene.” – Chuurch

Photo: Joey Rootman

What were your favourite moments from the festival this year?
Definitely getting to play the sunrise sermon with Destructo and DJ Soup on Sunday morning! Dream come true. Hands down the funnest time we’ve had at the festival, among a million other things.
Photos: Taylor Kanary
What part has Shambhala Music Festival played in your journey as an artist?
As a group, this is our 3rd time attending and playing in the last 3 years. We’re very blessed to have made connections and friendships through it that will last a lifetime, and then some. People recognize us from the festival wherever we go, it’s an amazing feeling when the people are making a connection of Shambhala and Chuurch, it’s just such an incredible collective to be mentioned in.

Photo: Caspian Kai

What is your favourite stage? 

We spend most of our time at Pagoda for so many reasons, mainly the music and the crew there are some of our favourite people in the world. Cannot say enough positive things about our brothers Robbie Campbell, Benny Freebound, Dan Derkensen and every stage keeper, builder, production/lighting tech, or security back at Pagoda. True professionals who take pride in making one of the greatest shows on earth possible. Salute to the whole team over at Pagoda and their work ethic, man. 

A close second would have to be The Amphitheatre, Stew definitely holds it down for the people. Shout out all the staff at every stage and the volunteers who make it happen.

Photo: Joey Rootman

How does Shambhala compare to other festivals that you’ve played at?

Shambhala is it’s own planet compared to other festivals. There are so many organizers from all over who travel to Shambhala to learn the ways of their Elders, and bring that wisdom back to their own people/festivals. Every year the smaller ones are getting bigger and stronger, using the gifts and techniques they learn from the Farm to create their own beautiful unique experiences all over North America and the world. Shambhala is the mother(land) to any festival goer, ‘long live the queen’, baby.

Photo: Joey Rootman


We hope Chuurch returns to Shambhala for many years to come! 


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