CA Month – Lori Gunn & Jazmin Wilding: “For us, it’s a family affair.”

Welcome back to our Crew Appreciation series. It takes a community of dedicated, passionate individuals to help create the magic of Shambhala. We are so fortunate to host talented crew members from across the globe as we all come together on the Farm to turn dreams into reality. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring influential members from various teams on the Farm. Today we feature the dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo, Lori Gunn & Jazmin Wilding.

Lori Gunn

“Real World” job: Manager at The Savoy Hotel
Shambhala Job: ShambhaLodging Manager (Previously the Mama of HR)
Shambhala Spirit Animal: Banjo (the farm dog)


Jazmin Wilding

“Real World” job: The Savoy Hotel
Shambhala Job: Anything Goes Supervisor
Shambhala Spirit Animal: Hummingbird!
Favorite Snack on the Farm: Pad Thai


SMF: What’s your Shambhala Story?

LG: It truly has been a family affair for us. My husband Barry ran security and public safety for many years since the early days until a few years ago. My daughter Jazmin started 6-7 years ago and Tori just had her 3rd year volunteering.


SMF: What made you want to join the crew? What keeps you coming back?

LG: I wanted to provide admin support to the security and event staff crew at the time. They needed me! What keeps me coming back? Getting to work with the hardest working, most fun people I know!

JW: The Farm has always felt like a home away from home, it was a no brainer for me! As for what keeps me coming back, I think it really comes down to the people. Some of the best relationships and friendships in my life have come from working on the farm. We have always said its about the people on the dancefloor, and I always get emotional when I look out at the thousands of beautiful, happy people expressing their truest selves through their movements and expressions and just… being. Thank you everyone for coming to this magical festival, and sharing your beautiful journey with all of us. You’re why I do this!


SMF: How did Shambhala change your life or change you as a person?

LG: I’ve been working with Shambhala for 15 years. It all started as a bit of a side gig to my regular job at the time–managing the office for my husband’s security company. It grew into a new “on the job learning” career managing the HR department for the festival. Now those skills have transferred over to managing Shambhala’s newest venture, The Savoy Hotel and brought us here to live in beautiful Nelson, BC. Pretty life changing!

JW: The festival presents many different challenges every year. One year that really stands out was 2013. That summer, I had graduated from High School and I was working as Security Quartermaster for my dad, Barry, who was the Public Safety manager at the time. One day, the team was having a particularly tough day–festival production isn’t always sunshine and roses. The core production staff and producers of the event gathered together in beautiful clearing down by the river. We were all there to support each other. We spoke about a lot of different things that day… the past, the future, what it all means… I came to a realization that event management is something I could excel at and something I wanted to pursue. After we left the farm that year, I decided to change my post secondary path from a Bachelors Degree in Science, to an Event Management Diploma. I’ve been working in the industry as much as possible since I made that decision and this past September I actually produced an event of my own, a film festival in Nelson. Some days I wonder where I would be if that day hadn’t been so particularly hard. This experience not only changed my career path, but also helped me have a deeper understanding of perspective. Something incredibly beautiful was born out of an immense challenge that day, and every day I am grateful.


Join Lori and Jazmin as part of the Shambhala Crew! Are you inspired to be part of the HR, ShambhaLodging, or Anything Goes team?  

HR crew welcome our staff and volunteers, help them fill out paperwork, file documents, give people info about their shifts and be part of the heart of our operations. You’ll be right at home working with the HR Crew! Excellent for those organized “people persons” with office experience.

Is ShambhaLodging more your style? Here you’ll be check guests into their ShambhaLodging site, help them with any info they might need, keep the Lodging area looking great and you may even help with some fun activities we have planned for our Lodgers. You’re outgoing, friendly and love being an incredible host! Pre/Post show positions involve setting up campsites and groundskeeping.

As Anything Goes, you fill the gaps when needed. You enjoy having a diverse range of tasks and you’re able to learn the basics of a job quickly. You’re able to quickly switch to new tasks or to wait patiently for your next assignment. Sound like you? This team needs you!

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