CA Month – Julie Faye Fuss: “Let your freak flag fly!”

Welcome back to our Crew Appreciation series. It takes a community of dedicated, passionate individuals to help create the magic of Shambhala. We are so fortunate to host talented crew members from across the globe as we all come together on the Farm to turn dreams into reality. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring influential members from various teams on the Farm. Today we feature Julie Faye Fuss.

Julie Faye Fuss

“Real World” job: Festival Production
Shambhala Job: Reception (aka “Raveception”) Supervisor
Shambhala Spirit Animal: Weird Australian that people make fun of over the radio
Favorite Snack on the Farm: Mushroom pizza, and all the coffee you can fit in my face


SMF: Why did you join the crew? What keeps you coming back (all the way from Australia)?

JFF: Elizabeth Glancy was one of the first people I met in Vancouver in 2010 when she kindly allowed me to stay at her house whilst volunteering at my first festival in Canada, at  “The House in East Van”. She told me only good things about SMF and she is truly one of my muses in this life who I respect no end. My first Shambhala, I saw so many things that made me think, “I have to fix this!” – that’s the truth of the matter. And I set out to fix as many things as I could. In that first year… I was tired, I sounded like Darth Vader, I got little sleep, I worked hard.

Festivals I most enjoy being a part of are the ones that take my (and my volunteers) feedback seriously, and this has always been the case with Shambhala. Our Reception team is like a well-oiled machine. We work hard, there are odd problems to solve here and there, but ultimately nothing that we can’t handle as a team. And that is a darned good feeling. Also, the festival is entirely unique in my experience. It has some of the best visuals I have ever seen, and such an enthusiastic crowd.


SMF: What’s your favourite Shambhala story?

JFF: One year I jokingly submitted a report to “El Capitaan” (Andy, who ran Gate Operations at that time) to build me a new computer program to run Reception. It was in big red letters in my post-show report. The following year, I was picked up in Salmo as usual. But when I got to Reception something was odd. There was Andy, urgently repeating, “Come inside, come inside, come inside!” Over and over. Wouldn’t even let me get settled in first! When I walked in the door, he was pointing excitedly at the computer. And there it was. The “No Fuss” program. He had built me my own computer program to run Reception and named it after me. I could not have felt more honoured at that moment. I took a photo and sent it straight to my Dad in Australia. Not only was I heard, it had my frickin name on it! So now, no matter whether I am able to physically be at Shambhala or not, I am most certainly always there.


SMF: What has Shambhala taught you that you apply to your daily life?

JFF: Be patient. Every problem can definitely be solved. And let your freak flag fly!


Join Julie on the Reception team. You’ll check in crew, artists and their guests, as well as will call customers (using our festival database “No Fuss,” of course). You’re a computer whiz, think quickly on your feet, stay cool under pressure, and want to vibe off the excitement of all the fresh arrivals. Get your Raveception on!

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