CA Month – Joanna Osadchuk: “Shambhala helped me burst out of my bubble.”

Welcome back to our Crew Appreciation series. It takes a community of dedicated, passionate individuals to help create the magic of Shambhala. We are so fortunate to host talented crew members from across the globe as we all come together on the Farm to turn dreams into reality. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring influential members from various teams on the Farm. Today we feature our Food Processing Supervisor, Joanna Osadchuk.

Joanna Osadchuk

“Real World” job: Sous Chef at Baldface Lodge
Shambhala Job: Food Processing Supervisor
Shambhala Spirit Animal: Ocelot!
Favorite Snack on the Farm: The churros we had in the Crew Kitchen last year. Yum!


SMF: What made you join the crew? What keeps you coming back?

JO: I knew it was a really amazing group of people to work with. They are such unique and relatable individuals! What keeps me coming back… Everything! From the pigs we feed, to the returning core staff, to excited, fresh new volunteers, to the beautiful river and the Salmo River Ranch itself. It’s just all so magical.


SMF: What’s your Shambhala Story?

JO: I first went to Shambhala when I was 16 (before it was 19+) and have gone back every year. Now that I work for shambhala, I have a much more enhanced view on the festival–so much goes into creating this amazing gathering! The artwork, the constant bass, the smiling faces everywhere, and the freedom to be WHO YOU WANT TO BE! Shambhala holds a special place in my heart and I am grateful that I get to look forward to it every year.


SMF: How did Shambhala change you as a person?

JO: It made me more open. I used to be a very “stand offish” person, but Shambhala taught me to burst out of that bubble!


SMF: What does Shambhala mean to you?

JO: Dancing!


Join Joanna on the Food Processing crew. This crew runs from March-August! Each volunteer works for 1 week (Mon-Fri) and must have their own accommodation offsite if shifts are prior to pre-show dates (on-site pre-show begins in mid-July). As a Food Processor, you’ll turn raw vegetables and meat from the farm into ingredients to be used in the Crew Kitchen. For this team, kitchen & food handling experience or food safe certification are considered assets but are not required. Must be willing to do some dirty work!

Click here to apply

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