Black Tiger Sex Machine Artist Interview

Black Tiger Sex Machine Artist Interview

Marc-Andre Chagnon, Patrick Barry and Julien Maranda of Black Tiger Sex Machine are the brains behind Kannibalen Records and are making big waves on the electronic music scene globally. This Canadian trio from Montreal, QC are an unstoppable force on a mission to save the world with their superpowers of funky sounds and pounding beats. They are blowing up on the scene with their earthshaking barrage of sounds, synths, beats and newfangled visuals which you may have been witness to at The Pagoda Stage Sunday night this year at #Shambhala2018.

Watch their artist interview to meet the three superheroes behind their masks and find out their thoughts on the future of electro, their favourite era of music and what makes the Shambhala community so special.

Banner Photo: Akailah Yocom

“Shambhala is a one-of-a-kind musical experience in a truly magical location. It’s one of the few places that you feel like everything around you is working cohesively to deliver the best experience possible from the production crew and artists all the way down to the attendees. Everyone’s involved, but it’s bigger than all of us. It’s the sort of magic you can’t explain, you just have to experience it for yourself.” 

Photo: Karel Chladek

What were your favourite moments from the festival this year?
One thing that stuck out to us was when we started our set and saw how jammed the Pagoda Stage was. It was an awe-inspiring moment. It’s great to see a massive crowd of people at the end of your set, but when things are packed from the start, it’s a special feeling.
Photo: Cameron Frazier/Banana Cam
What part has Shambhala Music Festival played in your journey as an artist?
We’ve played in 2017 and 2018. Shambhala has exposed us to a huge audience in Western Canada that has fallen in love with our music. That whole part of the country is one we hadn’t experienced much, coming from Montreal. There’s a big grassroots community of dance music fans who go to Shambhala every year and we really feel like we’ve been welcomed into that community.
Photo: Nik Molson
What is your favourite stage? 

All the stages are amazing with their own vibe, but we have to say that the Pagoda is our favorite. We’ve played the stage twice, so it’s sort of our Shambhala home, the place where we take everyone to the BTSM Church on Sundays. It’s really special to play on such a unique structure, surrounded by trees; it gives the visuals a totally different feeling.

How does Shambhala compare to other festivals that you’ve played at?

Shambhala is super different from other festivals. It feels more communal and less commercial. All the stages are very well put-together and unique. The musical curation is definitely on point too, so many great diverse artists involved. You’ll see artists at Shambhala that you won’t see on other festivals. And most importantly, the audience is so positive, kind and welcoming.

Photo: Karel Chladek

Who wants to see Black Tiger Sex Machine return to Shambhala Music Festival next year? In the meantime, check out their “New Worlds Remixes” LP that just dropped yesterday!



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