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Shambhala 2019 Official BC Spotlight Series

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If you’ve seen Moontricks at Shambhala Music Festival before, then you know that feeling of your insides tingling with heartwarming shivers when their organic hit “Home” drops under the starry Shambhala skies. 
Nathan Gurley and Sean Rodman, otherwise known as the humble duo Moontricks, are from the small town of Argenta, BC. From their rugged roots, they have birthed a unique homegrown sound that fuses grassroots blues, wistful soul, and gritty, boot-stomping bass. Their music, which emanates with their love for the mountain life, merges musical worlds previously unacquainted. Once Canada’s best-kept secret, they are now taking their sound worldwide, touring all over North America and Australia. 
Be sure to catch them this year under the ancient cedars at the Living Room stage, as their sound will have you feeling right at home 💚

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Moontricks at Shambhala Music Festival 2018

Our Shambhala Music Festival 2018 recap vid! Such a blast with all of you this year at the Grove 🌙This video features an unreleased remix by Shylow of our song 'Mountains' coming out on Westwood Recordings🎥: Rebel Cause Films#moontricks #shambhalamusicfestival

Posted by Moontricks on Saturday, October 6, 2018

1. How has Shambhala Music Festival helped you grow and evolve as an artist?

Nate:​ Shambhala has been a wonderful place to connect with people in our local community and music fans from all over the world, the atmosphere is a great source of inspiration for us.

Every year it feels like a family reunion, it is our own little corner within the electronic music scene. This will mark 7th year Moontricks has performed at the festival and cannot wait to rock the Living Room stage again!

2. What can we expect from your 2019 Shambhala set and what can we expect from you on the music front in the future? 

Sean:​ We are putting a lot of effort in our live set, visualizing how it can go and how we can evolve with it. Bringing in more elements and surprises to the table, keep things exciting for both the crowd and ourselves.

We just released a new EP called “Backwoods Bass” but we have lots of fresh music in the works; writing and production is flowing very nicely with new creativity pouring out every day. It’s exciting!

Nate:​ Expect the unexpected…

3. What do you have to say about the evolution of the West Coast Music Scene? What makes it so special and unique?

Nate​: ​The West Coast of Canada has been a great home turf for us to get our feet wet in. Between BC and Alberta there are so many great towns and cities to play music in and we have felt a heartwarming amount of support from everyone who attends our shows. It’s nice to have the confidence of our local community in this way. Can’t wait to take this

energy with us as we begin to take our craft to so many new places in the world.

4. What BC town or city are you from and how has it influenced your music and you as an artist?

Sean:​ Both of us grew up in the Kootenay mountains and had small town upbringings. We came from campfire jams and back road parties. Getting out into nature was as easy as walking out your front door.

It’s definitely reflected in all the music we make with songs like “Home”, “Mountains”, and “Wood for the Trees” all being directly inspired from where we came from and how dear it is to us.

Nate:​ Agreed, it has been an important part of our sound.

5. What are your future goals as an artist?

Sean:​ I think the ultimate goal for every artist is to continue growing and evolving musically and while on that path, sharing and connecting far and wide through your art.

Nate:​ I have so many specific ideas and goals but i can’t tell you right now because that might ruin the fun… Stay tuned, there is still more trickery to come!

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