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Shambhala 2019 Official BC Spotlight Series

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Growing up in Nelson, BC has played a huge role in Ben Fox‘s development as an artist. During his young teenage years, he attended the rave scene in the Kootenays and became part of the vibrant music scene that was spearheaded by the same people that created Shambhala. As a purveyor of deep infectious dance floor grooves, he is becoming well-known in the Western Canada electronic music scene. 2018 saw him chart to the #1 position on Beatport and tag team on stage with the legendary Z-Trip. He has opened for some of the biggest names in the industry including, Mix Master Mike, Dr. Fresch, AC Slater and Method Man.

With 3 new EP’s and some exciting collaborations in the works, he continues to push the boundaries and adapt with the ever-evolving electronic music world. 

Expect a fully loaded set at the Pagoda Stage this year, that pulls on everything from relic psychedelics to pioneering spacetime-altering vibrations. Prepare to be transported to a world of pure primal rhythmic indulgence.

“To me Shambhala is not just a music festival; it is a culture.  Starting with humble beginnings it grew exponentially into a festival of epic proportion.  This is not by chance.  This is a direct result of passion and how it generated a huge cultural movement as expressed through music.   Playing at Shambhala is exhilarating and getting the opportunity to share your music, energy and message with so many amazing people from all over the globe is something I am extremely grateful for. ” – Ben Fox, 2019

Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia

1. How has Shambhala Music Festival helped you grow and evolve as an artist?

Shambhala sets the bar for electronic music and entertainment.  Getting the opportunity to immerse yourself in a place with so many unique and talented people is contagious.  You want to come back and you want more people to experience it.  You want to perform your best.  You want to push the limits; share your passion for music and life with everyone present.  I have discovered some incredible artists at Shambhala and built friendships that will last a lifetime.  You can take a piece of each experience and allow it to infuse you and your music.  

2. What can we expect from your 2019 Shambhala set and what can we expect from you on the music front in the future? 

I’ll mostly be blending house music.  I also might switch it up a bit.  I don’t focus on genre too much; I would rather focus on the vibration.  If I could capture the vibe of what I want to bring to the table in one word… it is – Empowering.   

I have 3 new EP’s in the works that I will be dropping soon.  I also have a couple of really exciting collaborations in the works… so watch out for those.  I feel like I have been making my best music to date and I am committed to making it even better.

3. What do you have to say about the evolution of the West Coast Music Scene? What makes it so special and unique?

We are blessed on the West Coast with a thriving community of electronic music fans and artists.  I think one thing that makes it unique is that no one style of music is synonymous with our scene.  We have people stepping up and making waves in many genres; house, midtempo, hiphop, dnb, halftime… you name it.  When it comes to styles of music we do it in clear Canadian fashion – a melting pot.

4. What BC town or city are you from and how has it influenced your music and you as an artist?

I was raised in Nelson BC and this played a huge role in my development as an artist.  I started listening to hip hop music when I was a kid.  As a teenager, we had a rave scene in the Kootenays that was spearheaded by the same people that became the genesis of Shambhala.  Promoters have been throwing top notch shows and bringing in underground music here for years.  Getting to be a part of such a vibrant music scene basically fertilized my musical growth.  This, in combination with the sphere of friends I have including musicians of various styles, allows us to flourish together.

5. What are your future goals as an artist?

I intend to push myself as hard as possible.   I want to travel, play shows, make tunes and inspire people to live their best lives.  I also have my eye on a couple of new labels.  This summer is shaping up to be the best yet with the highlight being Shambhala and getting to travel to the East Coast to rock Future Forest.  I’m feeling so fortunate for the support and the momentum.  The electronic music world is always evolving.   This excites me; I want to evolve with it.

Mix Track List 

01 Marten Hörger, Maximono & Emma Lanford – So High (feat. Emma Lanford)
02 Malive & Breaking Beattz – Water
03 Buzter – Baby Got Back
04 Double Agent – Come Alive (VIP Mix)
05 VINNE – Tell Me (Extended) (BEN FOX Edit)
06 Destructo – Bassface (BEN FOX Edit)
07 Claude VonStroke – Make A Cake (Nick Siarom Dirty Bootleg) (BEN FOX Edit)
08 Cazztek – Crazy Things at Night (Extended)
09 Dustycloud – Blind
10 JustLuke – Breakin’ (BEN FOX Edit)
11 The Fish House – Castle (BEN FOX Edit)
12 Cazztek – Keep On Dancin
13 Go Freek – Put It Down (Westend Remix) (BEN FOX Edit)
14 Groove Sauce –
15 BEN FOX – JawBreaker
16 Freqload – Groove Riddim’ (BEN FOX Edit)
17 Plump DJs – Lose Your Mind (Tru Fonix Remix)
18 Destructo & Wax Motif – Catching Plays (feat. Pusha T & Starrah)
19 Jay Robinson – The Return
20 The-Fish-House X Buzter – Devotion (BEN FOX Edit)
21 Wax Motif – Bunda (feat. Dances With White Girls)
22 Kry Wolf – Temper (BEN FOX Edit)
23 BIJOU & Blossom – Expert
24 Jack Beats & DJ Zinc – Raise It Up (feat. MC GQ)
25 BEN FOX –  Ear Gum (Unreleased)
26 Jack Beats – The Remedy
27 Volac & Proxy – Supa Low (BEN FOX Edit)
28 Madeaux – The Wave (feat. BRUX) (BEN FOX Edit)
29 Volac & DUSTYCLOUD – Bass Zone (feat. Dread MC) (BEN FOX Edit)
30 Mancodex – Restless (Kyle Watson Remix) (BEN FOX Edit)
31 Chris Lake – Lose My Mind (Radio Edit)
32 Go Freek – Time (Maximono Remix)
33 Cinimin – Freedom (feat. ShabZi Medallion)

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