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For the 12th mix in this year’s series – we’ve enlisted the curative skills of Australia’s griff, who is scheduled to perform in The Grove’s Cedar Lounge this year at Shambhala #20.. Griff is a well-established producer and DJ, performing at Shambhala several times previous, with releases on Addictech and Enig’matik Records, also working with groups like The Cat Empire and Blue King Brown.

Instead of lacing us with the original productions from his studio, he’s instead woven together a tapestry that includes pieces softer on the drum programming, and heavier on the melodic feels – perfect for keeping one’s soul light for travel to and fro throughout the summer. The mix speaks for itself, but we’d highly recommend pressing ‘Play’ as well..

(SMF): First off, tell us a bit about the mix. Any notable artists that you have you included, that you want to tell us about?

I put this mix together as a bit of therapy for myself and perhaps for others who are also feeling the upcoming mission a lot of us are about to embark on – the Nth American Summer! As this involves a hell of a lot of planning, music finishing, general boring admin work, I decided than instead of compiling a regular party time festival mix, I’d stitch together a bunch of ambient and chill music that I’ve been really getting into lately and drawing inspiration from.  Artists such as Bersarin Quartett, Acharné, Darkside, Catching Flies and a particularly brilliant track from a friend of mine, Beatrice, who kindly gave me one of the tracks she collaborated on while attending the recent Red Bull Music Academy.

As i’m in the midst of producing a number of different releases, I’ve been doing LOTS of drum recording and editing, so I thought I’d go for some music that is a bit lighter or on the drum breaks. I’ve chosen music (some old, some fresh, some which I’ve only just discovered) which I feel has stunning melodies, just make you feel good before heading out to your favourite festival and perhaps relieve some of the stress of getting your shit together before hitting the road. 

Tell us a bit about your relationship with Shambhala, if you could. How long have you been playing / attending the festival. What’s got you excited to be performing at the 20th edition?

When anyone asks me about my favourite festivals, it’s an interesting question, because each one I’ve played at generally has a unique take on things.  For Shambhala it’s full sensory overload, round the clock.  LASERS! PROJECTIONS! EPIC STAGES!  And I also really dig the curation of music, varied, funky, and always a good dose of drum ‘n’ bass.   This will be my 3rd time playing at Shambhala since 2013.  I’m particularly excited to be debuting a whole bunch of new music that i’ve been working on over the last twelve months.  And, as always, looking forward to catching up with my awesome Canadian fam, who are just brilliant and always ensure I have a hilarious time.  

What else have you got going on this summer? Any releases that we should be on the look out for, or other high-profile performances you’re particularly excited about? Any other noteworthy projects you want to let us in on?

After Shambhala, we’re driving down to the Eclipse Festival in Oregon where I am also performing – on the Moon Stage.  As well as this, I’m working on a team for a project called “UKI – Utility Kinetic Insect”. It’s a 3-tonne, all electric, robotic insect, with projector screen in the wings and a huuuuuuge soundsystem.  It’s gonna blow people’s minds!   Then after that we’re taking UKI to Burning Man for further carnage.  

After that, I’m going to hit up one of those blood transfusion places that Keith Richard uses and get a complete oil change, then sleep for a month.  🙂  


Bersarin Quartett – Mehr Als Alles Andere
Darkside – Golden Arrow
Catching Flies – Korembi
Superpoze – For We The Living
Acharné – Innocence and Suburbia
Hector Plimmer – Let’s Stay
Tosca – Chin Bar
Dauwd – Murmure
Forss – Journeyman
Skyence – Untrodden Soil
Shake It Maschine, Beatrice, Branko, Deradoorian, Sofie Winterson – Rave Or Tea
Thievery Corporation – Marching The Hate Machines
Bonobo – Second Sun
The Touré-Raichel Collective – Ane Nahatka (feat. Cabra Casay) 


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