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For Shambhala’s 20th anniversary, we’ve decided to go big. We’re proud to announce “The Greater Good Contest,” which will award a total of $15,000 split between three winning camps to donate to a charity close to their heart.

Every year, we see incredible, fun and thoughtful contributions you make throughout the farm for your fellow Shambhalovelies. Whether it’s making PB&J sandwiches for your surrounding campsite, or organizing a costume day, YOU continue to make the Shambhala experience what it is.

But the Greater Good doesn’t stop there. Whether you’re making a contribution abroad, in your community, or on the farm at Shambhala, we want to hear about it.

1st Place = $10,000 to donate to a registered charity (or charities) of their choice.
2nd Place = $3,000 to donate to a registered charity of their choice.
3rd Place = $2,000 to donate to a registered charity of their choice.

The Greater Good is a team effort, so show us how your camp works together as a team to make a positive impact on Shambhala, and the world beyond.

To participate, you must be a valid Shambhala 2017 ticket holder. To enter, like and share this image, click “Going” on this event page, and email with your Greater Good Contest Camp Name. Include either a proof of purchase or purchase receipt and send with the subject line “The Greater Good.”

Send us a story of your contribution (either in the “real world” or what you have planned for Shambhala 2017), why it’s important to you, and anything else you want us to know about what you’ve done to contribute!


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