Vending at Shambhala 2020

The Artisan market at Shambhala Music Festival acts as a platform for artists to showcase their creations to guests, all while boasting an array of unique shopping options that are sure to entice you. With 50 available vending booths that promise to deliver products that will awe and delight, guests are welcomed into an immersive shopping experience. Whether your wares are funky and locally handmade, fair-trade imports, creatively designed or lovingly curated, Shambhala Music Festival would love to include your creations at our market.

Please note we have 4 categories of vendors that we are currently receiving applications for.

  • Market Vendors
  • Service Vendors  (a small team of people offering a unique service)
  • Community Service Vendors (individuals offering a unique service)
  • Food Vendors 
You will find the applications link in the relevant sections below.


Market Vendor Application

Our market vendor court, situated right in the middle of downtown, provides an opportune location for our artisans to experience large flows of traffic. On average, the majority of our guests pass through the market vendor court a minimum of 3 times per day when travelling to and from their campsites.

If you have a top-notch product that you feel would be a good fit with our audience, we encourage you to fill out an application below. We will be reviewing all applications and will be short-listing candidates for the next step in the process which will begin on March 27, 2020.

Locally sourced, locally handcrafted goods are very important to Shambhala and we want to make sure that they are well represented within our artisan vendor court. We understand that many local artisans face reduced margins and higher costs when creating their products. For this reason, we will be reserving a section of our artisan vendor court specifically for these businesses. If your products are sourced, and produced, locally, please indicate as such when filling out your application. Upon reviewing your application, our vendor coordinators will review your products and will determine if you will be allowed to compete within this special tier.

Please note that we will be short-listing more vendors than we will have booth space for. Even if you are short-listed to compete within the auction process, you are not guaranteed to be given a booth. *Please note: Applications with THC and CBD edibles will not be accepted. 


Market Vendors

Market Vendor Application Deadlines

  • Dec 18 - Market Vendor Applications Open
  • April 30 - Market Vendor Applications Close
  • Early May - Notifications Delivered to Successful Applicants with Auction Instructions
  • Tier One Auction - TBA
  • Local Handcrafted Artisan Auction - TBA
  • Tier Two Auction - TBA

FAQ’s Market Vendors

*Please note that all information here is subject to change without notice.  If you are a vendor and are uncertain of any information, please contact the vendor manager to confirm your exact contractual arrangement.


It depends on which Tier you are in. Each tier has the following hours of operation:  Artisan: 10:00am until 10:00pm; Tier Two: 10:00am – Midnight; Tier One: 10:00am – 02:00am


The arrival times for market vendors is between 9:00am and noon, on the Monday and Tuesday prior to show-time.


The Market opens on the Wednesday prior to show-time at 10:00am.

Full payment is due one week after the close of the vendor auction. We do extend the opportunity for a payment plan for returning vendors that are in good standing. Any vendors who are late with any payments will no longer be considered in good standing.

The final day for vendors to request extra tickets for their booth location is the final payments date for vendors on a payment plan. (please see the important dates here). Vendors should note that these credentials are for staff only therefore you may be requested to provide a schedule.


Yes, it is a contractual agreement that all vendors in the market area are open until 2:00pm on Monday.

We request that you depart before dark on Monday. Those vendors that need more time to take down their booth should contact the Market Vendor Manager to discuss other exit arrangements.


Ready to Apply

If you have any questions about vending at Shambhala Music Festival, please email

Service Vendors

Special call out to all bodyworkers, airbrushers & body painters, tarot readers & mystics, hair-cutters, braiders, barbers, and more: this year there is a special focus on bringing in more service-based vendors. We encourage anyone offering unique services to apply. We look for services that will create an unforgettable experience for our guests. Only 8 locations are available.

If you are an individual then you should apply under the community services area. 




If you have any questions about vending at Shambhala Music Festival, please email

Community Service Vendors

The community tent is a great way to try your service before you invest in a location of your own at the festival.

Parameters for this area are:

  • A small spot in the community tent to offer your service
  • A flat fee of $550 + tax (to be paid 5 days after your application is approved)
  • Your entrance
  • Your service pricing is $15, $25, $45 and $65  (please frame what you provide in accordance with that.)

*Please note that individuals doing massage or bodywork are required to be certified and have insurance.

Community vendors are individuals who come from the general public of the festival.  Space in this area is limited and vendors will be selected on their creativity and diversity of the offerings.  Previous selection does not guarantee selection in subsequent years.



If you have any questions about vending at Shambhala Music Festival, please email

Food Vendors

Returning food vendors do not need to re-apply. Our Food Vendor Manager will be contacting you to confirm arrangements for this year in early spring.

Have you got a tasty, unique menu that the Shambhala guests would love? Food vending at Shambhala is a great way to expose your brand to 17 000 guests, artists, crew and contractors and we are always looking for delicious and nourishing food vendors to feed our Farmily. 



If you have any questions about vending at Shambhala Music Festival, please email

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