Attractions, Workshops & Performance Art

Attractions, Workshops & Performance Art

Shambhala Music Festival is an immersive musical, artistic and cultural experience. Each year a handful of Attractions and Performance Artists to Shambhala to awe and delight our guests when they're off the dancefloor.

Bring your incredible attraction or performance to bring to Shambhala. We are looking for Attractions and Performance Art that are fresh, unique and will fit in seamlessly with the Shambhala Music Festival vibe, embracing art and technology within the pristine natural landscape.

Bring your magic, sparkle and wonder to the Salmo River Ranch to share with our guests.

*PLEASE NOTE: This application is for performances that are in a roaming capacity, not onstage. We do not accept submissions for onstage performance. Each of our stages are independently managed by respective stage directors who do all their own booking. We are not at the liberty to give out their contact information. We typically suggest that people come out as a roaming performer, network, and go from there. 

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