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Crew Applications Available Early 2020!

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Posted by Shambhala Music Festival on Friday, March 8, 2019


Shambhala volunteers and staff are the backbone of the festival and the driving force behind its success. We are so grateful to the incredible people who give their time and passion to make Shambhala one of the best festivals in North America.

Thinking of joining the Crew? Please read all the information below to understand the levels of commitment before proceeding to the application. 


  • Entry to the festival.
  • Complimentary Extra Early Arrival - get in before the crowd and watch the festival come to life.
  • Designated Crew Camping – see “Camping” below.
  • One meal per 8 hr shift, two meals per 12 hr shift.
  • Playing an integral role creating a magical festival experience for thousands of people
  • Memories to last a lifetime!
Join the Crew


"I truly love this place like it's my home. I love seeing helpful and excited people working together to make something so magical. It feels really great to be a part of something like that and have that sense of Farmily." - Karen Faye, Human Resources

“As I attended alone this year, I felt I had purpose and direction, I made new friends and felt like a part of the family immediately. What a wonderful way to give back, have fun! I didn't know what to expect as a first time volunteer, applying last minute. I was well received and everyone was so friendly. I am grateful for this experience and look forward to going back next year." - Willow Lyman-Shepherd, Crew Kitchen

“I loved helping build what is Shambhala and then basking in its wonder with some really great people that I met through volunteering." - Kristin Likness, Farm Dec

"Volunteering at this festival has been life changing for me, working and meeting beautiful people and watching it grow from a farm into a festival has been one of the greatest experiences of my life." - Reuben Kenny, Site Maintenance






All first-time volunteers must pay for a refundable Volunteer Ticket worth $472.50, paid at the time of your application. This Volunteer Ticket is in place to ensure that volunteers complete the shifts they have committed to.

Volunteer Tickets are refunded to your PayPal account as quickly as possible after the festival but may take up to a month to process. Please plan accordingly. We are not able to process refunds on site.

Once you become a returning volunteer in good standing, the Volunteer Ticket will be waived, and you'll be invited back each year.

Applicants for paid staff positions are not required to pay for a Volunteer Ticket. There is a larger time commitment for staff positions.

CANCELLATIONS: If you must cancel, email immediately. We request you give us as much notice as possible so we can promptly re-staff the shifts you are withdrawing from. Cancellations after June 26, 2020 may not be eligible for a refund, except in extenuating circumstances, and at the discretion of Shambhala.


Crew Camping is located along the river near the Main Gate/Reception. This is a quiet zone with shaded forest spots, a private beach & private showers. Only Crew may have access to this area, security will be checking wristbands. Crew may also camp in areas outside of Crew Camping, Vehicle Camping fees will apply.

Crew camping on the mountain side of the road is prohibited until 24 hours after the gate opens to the public as it is reserved for ticket holders.

RVs & Trailers: You can camp with your RV or trailer in the Crew Camping zone free of charge. If you wish to camp in one of our other camping zones with your RV, trailer etc, you must pay for the corresponding parking upgrade, and wait until 24 hours after the gate has opened to the public.


Whether it’s the scorching heat of mid-day or the to-the-bone chilliness at night and the wee hours of the morning, temperatures are known to wildly fluctuate and changes in weather can happen quickly. Pack for all types of outdoor conditions including warm water-proof shoes, winter clothing, extra socks, sunscreen, bug spray, rain gear and a good hat for sun or rain. Comfort is the key to staying happy and healthy on the farm. Dress in layers as the start of your shift might be much hotter or colder than the end of your shift. IMPORTANT NOTES – All crew must wear closed toe shoes while on shift. All preshow crew must wear closed toe shoes at all times as the farm is a worksite. For more info on what to pack, check out Rave Mom’s Packing List.


  • Shambhala provides one meal per 8.5 hour shift, 2 meals per 12 hour shift.
  • Come to your shift fed, watered and, if you wish, caffeinated. It is your responsibility to arrive fully fueled at the beginning of all shifts.
  • For meals and snacks prepared at camp, bring camp friendly food. There is no power available for refrigerators or hot-plates. Open fire is banned. Propane stoves at campsites are OK. Plan accordingly.
  • The Crew Kitchen is cafeteria-style. Those working in remote locations will have their during-shift meal delivered.
  • We recommend all Crew bring a full bottle of water and extra snacks and/or meals to their shift, i.e. power-bars, nuts, fruit leather--especially if you have an above average appetite. SMF meals serve one standard portion size.
  • We can only accommodate standard meat or vegetarian meals, without variation and our kitchen cannot guarantee vegan or wheat/gluten free meals. If you have allergies, sensitivities or additional needs we recommend that you plan to provide most meals for yourself.
  • Be prepared to provide for yourself before the vendors and ATMs are open on Wednesday, July 22, 2020. There will be limited food vendors open on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.
  • Above all, plan ahead to make sure you have the nourishment your body needs while you’re on shift.


Age Restriction:

Persons under 19 years of age are not eligible to join the crew.


Types of Positions

Shambhala Music Festival runs 24-hours, shifts spanning all hours of the day and night.

You commit to arriving to your shifts well-rested, on-time, sober and prepared for the weather.

You are responsible for your well-being: ensure you have had enough rest, food and water to complete all of your shifts.

You abide by all WorkSafe BC and Shambhala safety regulations.

You will complete a mandatory safety orientation prior to working and a tailgate meeting at the beginning of each shift.

Be diligent about signing in and out for all of your shifts with your Supervisor. This is required to maintain good standing with the Shambhala Crew.


All positions scheduled between Monday, July 20, 2020, and Tuesday, July 28, 2020, are considered “Showtime” positions and take place at the Salmo River Ranch (festival site).

We aim to create shift schedules which are fair, fun, and provide enough time off during the above-outlined dates for you to get out there, enjoy yourself and do some dancing!

Please review the volunteer schedule guidelines:

  • Most teams require a 32-hr time commitment (4 x 8-hr shifts between July 20th and 28th)
  • The following showtime teams have a 24-hr time commitment: Medical Services, Harm Reduction, and Fire (2 x 12-hr shifts)
  • We do our best to stagger shift assignments so that they don’t all fall during peak festival days.
  • Most shifts are as follows: Early Morning – 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Afternoon – 2 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., and Overnight – 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.

See Volunteer Positions for team descriptions.


  • Staff shifts are between 8 and 12 hours daily or nightly for the duration of the festival.
  • These positions are suited to seasoned, dedicated people who enjoy festivals for the work experience and the satisfaction creating something amazing with equally dedicated teammates.
  • Wages are position-based.

See Staff Positions for team descriptions.


A handful of teams operate during the weeks leading up to the festival (Pre-show positions run June 29 - July 20). Please refer to the Volunteer Positions list for more info on which teams have pre-show positions. Our post-show clean-up team is suited to those who are passionate about returning the Farm to its natural beauty (Post-show positions run July 28-31).
  • These positions require a time commitment of 40 hours (typically Monday to Friday).
  • These positions include 3 meals daily between June 29 - July 18 & July 28-3, 2020.
  • Pre-show volunteers whose 40 hours are completed prior to July 20, 2020 will be given a General Admission electronic ticket with waived Early Entry fees. You will leave the Farm upon completion of your commitment, and may come back to enjoy the festival as a guest when the gates are open to the public.
  • When filling out the application please indicate your interest in pre/post-show work. Also indicate any showtime teams you are interested in, as pre/post may be full.


Stage production and technical positions are provided by the production companies contracted to operate our stages, as are stage set up crews. These positions are not hired through our HR department, have an extremely high retention rate, and are generally filled by word-of-mouth. We are not able to facilitate placement on these crews, if you are interested in working in a stage environment please review the Stagekeeper staff position.

Arrival & Training


  • If you are scheduled before Monday, July 20th, 2020, you may arrive up to 24 hrs before your first shift, NO EARLIER.
  • All showtime crew may arrive on Monday, July 20th, 2020 after 8:00am to set up your camp and settle in.
  • All crew must check-in at Reception to receive your credentials upon arrival.
  • Crew must then check in at HR to fill out paperwork, receive a safety orientation and confirm their schedule.
  • No ticket-holders (including partners, best friends, drivers, etc) will be granted access to the farm prior to Tuesday, July 21 at 8AM. No exceptions. Early entry fees apply to guests.




There will be a general crew orientation session on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, at 12:00 pm (PST) location TBD. This optional event is a great way to meet team leaders and learn more about the festival. Crew will be notified by email about team-specific training times if applicable. Some teams may have training sessions prior to arrival at the farm.

Crew Info + FAQ

Looking to join the team? That’s great! Have some questions? We have some answers!

Below are some of the more common questions we get regarding working or volunteering at Shambhala. If you don’t find your specific question listed below, please contact our Human Resources department at


When do applications for the Shambhala Crew close? Is it hard to get a position?

Typically, the applications do not close until the weekend of the festival. If you can still see the form on our website, then we are still hiring! This is mainly due to cancellations which require positions to be filled at the last minute. Applications will be available on our website until all positions have been filled. It is best to apply early to increase your chances of getting your top team and schedule preference. We do our very best to be accommodating. In most cases, we are able to find a crew placement for nearly all applicants.

I am not a Canadian citizen, can I volunteer or work at the festival?

Yes, you can volunteer. We are unable to hire international applicants for paid positions, with the exception of those who already have a work visa in place with another employer, or those that have Working Holiday Visas.


Why are new volunteer applicants required to buy a Volunteer Ticket?

Shambhala needs each and every one of its volunteers to be fully committed. We need to ensure that you’re going to show up and do the job that you’ve agreed to do. While we’d love to trust everyone that signs up, the Volunteer Ticket is in place because of people not fulfilling their commitments in the past. We don’t want your money--we’d would much rather give it back to you. So please show up on time, stay on task, and don’t break any rules. Successful returning crew are not required to purchase a Volunteer Ticket.

Why are new staff applicants not required to purchase a Volunteer Ticket?

Staff are doing paid work and the time commitment is much greater. Paid staff work every day during the festival. These candidates are in it for the long haul and have more incentive to fulfill their work requirements.

Can I pay for my Volunteer Ticket in cash?

At this time we can only accept payments through PayPal for Volunteer Tickets. You do not need to have a PayPal account; you may pay with a credit card or Visa Debit card through the PayPal website.

I already have a General Admission Ticket to attend the festival as a guest. Can I use this as a Volunteer Ticket?

If you have already purchased a festival guest ticket and would like to instead volunteer as part of the Shambhala Crew, please contact so we can explore your options.

How do I get my Volunteer Ticket refund?

After the festival, our Human Resources department will contact you by email if there are any discrepancies with your volunteer hours that need to be clarified. If there are no discrepancies, your refund will then be processed through the PayPal account used to complete the original purchase. Refunds are processed as quickly as possible but may take up to four weeks. We are unable to process any refunds on site. If your volunteer hours may have varied from your original schedule, please visit HR at the festival to ensure your hours were recorded correctly.

Can I help out for a few hours in exchange for early entry, or for a Sunday-only pass?

No. We do not accept partial volunteer commitments.

Can I help build the festival?

We hire dedicated tradespeople that do most of our building on the show-site, but we often pair them up with skilled volunteers. If you have experience in this field and would like to volunteer on the preshow site crew please share your pre-event availability and experience on your application.

Can I apply to work with the stages?

Stage positions are not hired through our HR department, have an extremely high retention rate, and are generally filled by word-of-mouth. We are not able to facilitate placement on these crews.

Can I cancel my application?

If you must cancel email immediately. We request you give us as much notice as possible so we can promptly re-staff the shifts you are withdrawing from. Cancellations after June 26, 2020 may negatively impact your standing on the Shambhala Crew, except in extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of Shambhala. Cancellations after this date will not be processed until after the festival.

Will I be on the team that I apply for?

We will do our very best to assign you to the crew you request but we cannot guarantee preferred placement. Select all teams that you are interested in and specify your top two preferences.

Can I work with a friend?

Again, we can’t make any promises but we’ll do our best to schedule you together if requested. Indicate on your applications that you want to work with one another, or at a similar shift time on different teams.

I’d like to be paid staff or volunteer. Which application do I fill out?

Fill out the application for your preferred level of commitment and indicate that you are also interested in both types of positions in the ‘Tell us more about yourself’ section at the bottom of the application.

I am a Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic. Can I volunteer with your medical team?

Yes. We also need LPN, PCP, EMT, EMR, OFA3 and MOA’s. Indicate your level of training on the application form. If you would like to apply for this highly-skilled team please fill out the ‘Medical Application’.

I am a DJ/performer. Can I volunteer to play at the festival?

Each of our six stages are produced by independent production companies who are responsible for booking their own performers. Shambhala does not accept artist submissions.

Can my friend/partner/driver who is not Crew arrive at the same time as me?

No. GA ticket holders will not be allowed entry until Tuesday, July 21, 2020, at 8 AM. If you are arriving before this time please plan separate transportation.

Can I bring my RV?

You can camp with your RV or trailer in the Crew Camping zone free of charge. If you wish to camp with your RV, trailer etc. in another zone, you must pay for the corresponding parking upgrade, and cannot move until 8 AM on Weds. July 22, 2020.

Can I leave the grounds after I have checked in?

Yes, but you will not be able to skip the line when you come back in. We strongly advise that you do not leave the grounds, especially on a day you have a shift. Bring all of your camping supplies and food when you check in before the festival.

What type of clothing should I bring?

Pack for all types of outdoor conditions including warm waterproof shoes, extra socks, sunscreen, bug spray, rain gear and a good hat for sun or rain.  Bring layers. It is extremely cold at night and can be extremely hot in the day.  Closed toe shoes are required while on shift, and at all times downtown prior to Tues. July 21, 2020.

2020 Crew Applications

Applications for 2020 will be available in the new year! The Shambhala Music Festival Crew includes volunteers, as well as medical staff and paid staff. In order to be a crew member at Shambhala 2020, you must be 19 years of age or older prior to your first shift and be eligible to work/volunteer in Canada.

Returning crew who have not heard from us or have any questions about the application please email

Volunteer Positions

Shambhala offers many exciting volunteer opportunities in exchange for a Shambhala 2020 Ticket. Volunteering is a great way to experience the festival through another lens, see behind the scenes all the while making new friends and having fun!


(Showtime & Post-Show)

The Environment team loves the outdoors and the Salmo River Ranch. This crew works hard to keep the festival grounds beautiful and pristine. Environment Crew aren’t afraid to get dirty while keeping it clean. Candidates are comfortable working on their feet in the beautiful outdoors.

Farm Dec


Creatives wanted! The Farm Dec team enjoys creating beautiful festival decor and are no strangers to general labour. Must have strong artistic abilities and practical building skills to help us bring the public spaces and facilities to life. Examples of previous projects may be requested.



Party in the front, business in the back. Finance volunteers keep things running behind the scenes. Preferred candidates have experience in areas like bookkeeping, accounting, payroll or banking and are interested in putting their professional skills to work for something wild.

Fire Suppression


Are you a trained and experienced firefighter? This role is well-suited to those with Volunteer or Forest Firefighter training or experience. S-100 Certification is an asset but not required. Help us keep the Farm safe!



The Garden team begins in the Spring and works shifts leading up to the festival on weekends so is best suited to Kootenay locals. Garden Team members participate in planting, pruning, watering and tending to the flower gardens in order to beautify the farm. This is a very physically demanding job that requires you to work outdoors in the heat. Landscaping experience is an asset.

Harm Reduction


Includes Outreach, Sanctuary, Safe Space, ANKORS, Options for Sexual Health, and Camp Clean Beats. Harm Reduction candidates are trained healthcare or social services professionals, with preference being given to those who have volunteered with harm reduction at other festivals and those who have knowledge of the Salmo River Ranch. Harm Reduction teams work together to provide care and resources to guests who are in need of a safe space, someone to talk to, or are seeking information.

  • Sanctuary - Applicants must have Psy-Crisis training, a day course that is completed prior to the festival.
  • Outreach/ Safe Space: Volunteers need to have experience in one of the following fields: crisis intervention, social service work experience, nursing or related.
  • Options for Sexual Health: OPT looks for volunteers that are committed to the organization as a whole. Volunteers need to apply through the official OPT website and complete training which is offered twice per year.
  • ANKORS: Recruitment is normally done internally, but if you are specifically interested in this team, please include a note on your application.
  • Camp Clean Beats: Recruitment is normally done internally, but if you are specifically interested in this team, please include a note on your application.
Human Resources

(Pre-Show & Showtime)

HR Crew members are friendly, organized and helpful. This team functions to help our staff and volunteers fill out paperwork, give crew information about their shifts and keep files up to date. Customer service and data entry experience are huge assets.


(Preshow, Showtime & Post-Show)

Food is the fuel of the festival. Kitchen volunteers assist the cooks with meal preparation, dishwashing and keeping the kitchen clean and sanitary. There are also positions for scanning badges, serving and packaging meals at our various meal service stations. Food Safe certification is an asset but not required.

Main Gate


Main Gate volunteers work as “decal fairies” or “scanners”. Decal fairies ensure every vehicle has a parking pass by providing accurate Parking & Camping information to guests and selling upgrades as requested. Scanners scan tickets, distribute wristbands and collect early entry and re-entry fees. Candidates are friendly, efficient, highly accurate, and comfortable with standing and moving around for long periods of time. Great team if you want to work directly with your friends.



This team of highly skilled professionals provides medical care to our guests. Those with MD, RN, LPN, PCP, EMT, EMR, OFA3, and MOA certifications can apply by filling out the “Medical Application Form”.


(Pre-Show & Showtime)

Reception checks in volunteers, staff, artists, contractors  using our festival database. Members of this team are computer savvy, think quickly on their feet, stay cool under pressure and love the excitement of the fresh arrivals.



Have you attended Shambhala for 2+ years and been on the Crew at least once? Shambassadors capture the spirit of the festival. Recognized by their top hats & special totems, these festival ambassadors are in the business of being informed and sharing information at the Info Booth or by roaming the festival grounds. Members of this team are fun, outgoing, and require some general knowledge of the festival and the Salmo River Ranch.


(Preshow, Showtime & Post-Show)

As a Shambhalodging volunteer, you will act as a concierge for the Lodging guests. Responsibilities include checking guests into their camping accommodations, providing excellent customer service, and monitoring the Lodging zone to keep it looking great. Lodging Crew are outgoing, friendly and helpful. Pre/Post show positions involve moderate to heavy general labor for landscaping and setting up campsites.

Site Maintenance


Help us prepare our magnificent temporary city for the arrival of thousands! This team consists of plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and labourers to build and maintain our city. Jobs include construction, maintenance, set-up/tear-down, general labour, cleaning, etc. Experience in trades is a huge asset. Must be comfortable getting dirty and working hard. Please note any specialized experience on your application.

Task Force

(Pre-Show & Showtime)

Sometimes teams can find themselves short staffed. Formerly known as the Anything Goes Team, the Task Force team fills the gaps when needed. Task Force volunteers have a diverse range of skills, are able to learn the basics of a job quickly, and can easily switch to new tasks or wait patiently for their next assignment. This team is a great choice for first-time Crew to get acquainted with our many different teams.



Taxi Drivers transport our crew and other patrons around the festival site via golf cart. Members of this crew have an impeccable driving record, are familiar with the Salmo River Ranch and have a friendly disposition. First Aid Level 1 or 2 is required.

Traffic Control

(Pre-Show & Showtime)

Formerly known as the Parking team, the Traffic Control volunteers assist staff with keeping the flow of vehicle traffic moving through the parking and camping areas. This can be a challenging position, but it is also one of the most vital roles to ensure the festival operates safely and smoothly. Candidates are friendly and comfortable with standing for long periods of time.

Vendor Support


These special Food Logistics volunteers work at the refrigeration truck area, assisting the Manager and Food Vendors with accessing food supplies. Candidates for this position are quick and organized. Warehousing, shelf stocking experience, and forklift certificates are assets.

Staff Positions

Shambhala has many paid staff opportunities. Paid positions are targeted to those that wish to work every day or night throughout the entire festival. If you are looking for less of a time commitment in exchange for admission to the festival, you may be more interested in our volunteer application.



One of the highest-paid jobs on-site, this team maintains the supplies and cleanliness of the port-o-potties during showtime and assists the Septic Driver with their rounds. It’s not as shitty as you think!

Beverage Kiosks


Beverage Kiosk attendants are outgoing and personable and have sales or cashier experience. Kiosks are mini-stores, with canned beverages as the main focus but also offer other small items and select Shambhala merchandise.

Blaze Burgers


One of the most popular food outlets, Blaze Burgers requires experienced cooks, grillers, cashiers and attendants. Experience in the food industry, working a grill and FoodSafe Certification, or cash-handling experience are assets.

Cafe Night Owl


Shambhala’s official coffee house features a locally roasted organic signature blend of Oso Negro coffee. Night Owl consists of experienced cashiers, servers and baristas with a passion for good coffee.



Dispatchers are highly organized, good listeners, have experience working with radios and knowledge of the Salmo River Ranch. Members of this crew must be able to multitask and communicate clearly. Previous dispatch experience is an asset.

Farm Phresh Smoothies


Farm Phresh staff are nutritional enthusiasts keen to serve up nourishing, delicious smoothies to our guests. Foodservice, juice or smoothie bar experience and FoodSafe Certification are assets.



Party in the front, business in the back–somebody has to do the paperwork. Finance team members keep things running behind the scenes. Preferred candidates have experience in areas like bookkeeping, accounting, payroll or banking and are interested in putting their professional skills to work for something wild.

Ice Sales


Ice Ice Baby! This is a fast-paced job and requires candidates who can quickly and accurately handle cash, keep the line steadily flowing and move heavy bags of ice.


(Preshow, Showtime & Post-Show)

The Crew Kitchen is made up of camp cooks with plenty of kitchen experience. This crew works to prepare and serve fresh quality food to keep our crew nourished and energized. We also have a Catering department that handles meal delivery, scanning, and food service. Lengthier summer contracts available, as well as showtime positions. Food Safe certification is preferred.

Main Gate


Are you friendly and super efficient? As part of the Main Gate team, you will be the face of the festival. Staff scan tickets, distribute wristbands, collect early entry and re-entry fees, and welcome our guests to the festival. Candidates are outgoing, highly accurate, and comfortable with standing and moving around for long periods of time. Great team if you want to work directly with your friends.

Oink Pulled Pork


Help fuel the festival by serving up delicious pulled pork sandwiches. OINK requires experienced cooks, cashiers and attendants. Experience in the food industry and FoodSafe Certification are an asset.

Pasta Joint


Buon Appetito! This team requires experienced cooks, cashiers and attendants to run the pasta bar. Experience in the food industry and FoodSafe Certification are an asset. Serve up the ultimate comfort food to festival goers.

Pucker Up Lemonade


When life gives you lemons...serve up fresh lemonade! Candidates should have cashier, customer service or food & beverage experience.



Retail Staff are highly experienced in retail sales, organized and are extremely comfortable operating a till. Must be energetic and keen to sell. Cashiers are required at the Beatique merch store, General Store and Showers.



Security staff help us keep the festival safe and secure, have experience working event security and have a current security workers license. If you are not currently licensed but you are interested in getting your event security certification please indicate this on your application.

Site Maintenance

(Pre-Show & Showtime)

Help us prepare & maintain our magnificent temporary city! Most staff positions on the Site team are Supervisor roles that oversee and work with teams of plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and labourers. Jobs include construction, maintenance, set-up/tear-down, general labour, etc. Experience in trades is required. Must be comfortable getting dirty and working hard. Please note any specialized experience on your application.



Stagekeepers check wristbands and provide access control at stages. This crew also works directly with Security, keeping a watchful eye for potential safety or first aid issues on the dancefloor. Must be comfortable working a 12-hour shift on your feet, daily or nightly throughout the festival.

Tech Support


Calling all IT professionals. This team provides support to all Shambhala Crew teams experiencing technical difficulties. Must have extensive computer knowledge and have experience troubleshooting technical issues.

Traffic Control

(Pre-Show & Showtime)

Formerly known as the Parking team, Traffic Control staff keep the flow of vehicle traffic moving in the parking and camping areas. This team directs traffic, ensures cars are parked efficiently, keeps roadways and fire lanes clear. This can be a challenging position but it is also one of the most vital and integral roles to operate the festival safely and smoothly. Candidates are friendly, observant and comfortable with standing for long periods of time.



Positions available for a variety of license class levels. Transportation drivers facilitate deliveries both on and off-site of supplies and people. Candidates have an impeccable driving record, are comfortable driving large vehicles and/or busses in a crowded environment. Heavy equipment operator experience an asset. Please indicate any licenses and specializations on your application.

Vendor Support


Are you interested in providing behind-the-scenes support to food and artisan vendors? Positions on this team include Forklift Operator, Vendor Assistant and Refrigeration “Reefer” Pad Manager. Good communication, warehousing experience and problem-solving skills are assets.

Medical Team

Our medical team is an integral part of ensuring our guests enjoy their Shambhala experience in a safe environment. Please note that proof of current and valid certification is required.

Review the new Medical Volunteer Recruitment Information prior to completing this application for important information.


Medical applications are currently closed. For further information please email

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