Food & Artisan Vendors

Food & Artisan Markets

The Shambhala Music Festival experience does not end when one leaves the stages, but rather the aromas of deliciously cooked food and the sparkle of handcrafted jewelry welcome guests into an entirely new adventure of the senses.

The Artisan Market is a shopping experience like no other. With clothing designed so thoughtfully they are a work of art themselves, positioned beside cozy furry hoods and essential oils so aromatic they transport you to another world, it may be hard to leave the market once you have entered.

Every food vendor on site is hand-picked for Shambhala Music Festival, each one providing above and beyond service as well as food that will leave customers wishing they had access to the meal all year round. Treat your tastebuds to whatever you may be craving, from leafy greens to deep-fried goodness.

Vendor Applications

Vending for the Stage Reunions is by invitation only with a handful of vendors that are in good standing with the festival.  If you wish to vend in 2022, you can express your interest below.  Please note that we will not be actioning expressions of interest until the fall of 2022.

2019 Artisan & Market Vendors

  • Arcane Coda
  • Beneath the Boddhi Tree
  • Between Heaven & Earth
  • Bits and Keys
  • Blim
  • Blue Gecko
  • Blue Lotus
  • Bolli Imports
  • Chic Made Consciously
  • Creative Wood
  • Dropping Form Designs
  • Earth Nynja
  • Gems and Stems
  • Grassroots California
  • Half-Assiduity Arts
  • Herb N' Wear
  • House of Commune
  • Kritter Klips (Liquid Dreams)
  • Lewis Mayhem
  • LightBox Project
  • Local Knits
  • Love of Shiva
  • Nomadic Movement
  • Nomadz (Nomadic State of Mind)
  • Phresha (On the Prowl)
  • Set4Lyfe
  • Sheramic
  • Siamurai Apparel
  • Sick Chick Designs
  • The Faeries Pyjamas
  • The Nomad Merchant
  • Third Eye Pinecones
  • Virtue & Valour

2019 Community Service Vendors:

  • Buzz Oxygen
  • HLA Makeup Artistry
  • Kelz Beauty LLC
  • Michelle Beauregard
  • The Space Featuring Magickal Paradox
  • Sweet Pea Wellness
  • SWFT Charge Inc
  • Wise Warrior Botanicals

2019 Food Vendors:

  • Curry Corner
  • Kootenay Mountain Grill
  • La Poutinerie
  • Ogogpogo Mini Donuts
  • Rockingham Enterprises
  • SAJetarian
  • Skewers Authentic Wraps
  • Taco Justice
  • Thai on the Fly
  • The Dragonfly Cafe & Ice Creamery
  • The Wedge
  • Oink
  • Night Owl
  • Pasta Joint
  • Pucker Up Lemonade
  • Blaze Burgers
  • Farm Phresh Smoothies
  • Broth-L

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