Festival FAQ

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Early Entry, Parking Passes and Re-Entry

What are Early Entry Rates? What day does Shambhala start on?
Why does Shambhala have Early Entry?
Do I need to buy a Parking Pass to camp with my vehicle?
What is the re-entry policy?

General FAQs

Does Shambhala have an age limit? / Is Shambhala 19+?
Do you have tickets in stores? Where can I find tickets?
Do you ship to the US?
Can I buy a Day Pass?
Can I leave a ticket at the gate for a friend?
My photo ID was lost/stolen, and I can't replace it before the festival. What should I do?
When do tickets go on sale for next year?

On the Road to Shambhala

How do I find Shambhala?
What should I pack for Shambhala?
Do you have a shuttle service?
Where can I find a ride share?
When do the gates open? What time to they close?
Where is the nearest gas station or offsite restaurant?
Can I bring my RV? Do you have hookups?
Do you have onsite accommodations?

At the Festival

Will I have access to electricity? Can I bring my own generator?
Photography Policy
Can I bring my dog/pets?
Do you have beer garden? Can I bring in my own alcohol?
Can I bring a camp stove?
Can I have a campfire?
Will there be a place to buy food and beverages at the festival?
Where is the Lost and Found?
Are there showers?
Where is the nearest ATM?
Will my cell phone work on site?
What if I lose my wristband?
When does the festival end? When do I have to leave?

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