Shambhastories with Solid #3: Thoughts From The Dancefloor

Thoughts from the Dancefloor

You’ve been waiting. Waiting all day and the better part of the night, but the time has finally come. The artist you’ve been waiting to see all year hits the stage, and you and your friends are all squished together on the dancefloor as the momentary silence of two artists switching spots on the decks takes place. The giddy feelings start to rise up and the vibe peaks between you and all the people gathered around you, and the lights go out signaling the time has come.

Cover Photo: Caspian Kai

Photo: Caspian Kai

The first bass kicks and the hairs on your neck and arms start to rise as the bass line reverbs throughout the forest around you. The collective scream of the crowd roars back at the stage almost as if to coax the sound on. A few more kicks and you hear the call, “SHAMBHALAAAAAAAAAA!” The crowd roars even louder than before, and the lights and lasers flash in all directions. “HOW ARE YOU FEELIN’ OUT THERE?”

Photo: James Coletta

The kicks get louder, and the basslines twist and bend together, rising up and up and up. There is the palpable feeling amongst the crowd that a new beginning has arrived; another artist here to share their vibes and sounds. The push and pull of the crowd waves back and forth much like an ocean current rolling towards the shore. The synths rise up, the bass cabs flex and pump and the first drop hits like a shockwave.

Photo: Ohdagyo Photo

The lights, lasers, and bass hit full force in unison and the set kicks into high gear. Arms in the air, people on shoulders, dance circles form and bodies start to bounce. The tunes couldn’t be crispier, and the times couldn’t be better. Laughs and smiles shared with your chosen fam flash constantly back and forth like beacons of light. High fives and fist bumps; hip-twists and high kicks. The smoke lingers and sifts through the crowd and slowly starts to rise and dissipate into the night sky. The lasers and lights illuminate the trees and faces all around as the sound grows and shifts with every passing second. The groove. The groove is shared by every person who is lucky enough to be there in that moment. Bassheads unite on the forest floor for another epic dance session. The smell of dust, smoke and sweat begin to rise up and hang like a thick net that only intensifies the surroundings. The songs fade and match, and the moves keep on flowing.

Photo: Nik Molson

An hour goes by too fast, and still, the groove ceases to let up. The dance circles form and flop amongst the entire crowd as the tunes keep hitting one after another. The chosen fam has grown by one or two as people slip in and join the boogie. Before you know it you get the call out from the DJ, “SHAMBHALAAAA! This is my last song.” The crowd roars and weaves as the final tune lines up and drops bringing the whole crowd together once again for one final showdown. The bass kicks even heavier than before and the groove fights and thrashes one more time. Arms around shoulders; bodies against bodies against bodies. The natural dancefloor dust kicks up and settles over and over. Incense spices linger in the air, forming with the sweat and smoke to create a strange and wonderful smell that stores itself right in the long-term memory bank to be called upon later for some instant dancefloor nostalgia.

Photo: OhDagYo Photo

The groove starts to fade. The reverb and crowd-roar kicks in again as the DJ raises their hands in the air. The crowd roars back in appreciation and always wanting more. The smiles grow and grow, and the roar somehow gets louder and louder as the seconds tick by. As the temporary silence creeps in, the changing of the guard takes place bringing on the next act, and another chance to dance. One of the best parts of Shambhala? Knowing that the quality never ceases to impress. Your all-time favourite artists just finished their set, but you just might find your new favourite as the night goes on.

Hands in the sky, play me another.

– Solid
By: Nick Christian (Solid Creative)

I’m Nick, but everyone calls me Solid. I’m a Writer/Wildland Firefighter. Originally from Mississauga Ontario, I’ve spent the last 11 years traveling and working in the surrounding forests of British Columbia. I have been residing in Nelson, BC for 6 years, and love all things about this mountain town. I like my music loud, my coffee strong, and my pages filled with words.




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