Shambhala’s Guide to Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Shambhala’s Guide to Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Cover Photo: Nik Molson

Dust off those Tickle Trunks, Shambhaloves, it’s time to get weird. Halloween is just around the corner, which means you can return to being your creepy, creative self by dressing as spooky or funky as your heart desires. We here at Shambhala Music Festival like to think that Halloween isn’t about just wearing costumes, but also about having an opportunity to be creative and express ourselves.

We know our Shambhalovelies bring out the best of the best outfits on the farm every year, so this year, we’ve dug deep into the Shambhala archives to bring you some of the best Halloween-themed costumes from Shambhala’s past. If you are stuck on a Halloween costume for this year, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s our top 5. Pick your poison:

Jungle Babe

We get major bass vibes from this jungle babe. If you dream of Drum’n’Bass and heavy jungle beats, this costume is definitely for you.

Photo: Bobby Tamez

The Devil Wears Pink

Go all out like this devilish darling and get decked out head to toe in pink and red. Extra points if you can find these epic thigh-high boots.

Photo: Banana Cam

We Lost Grandpa at the Rave

Ever dreamt of raving with your grandparents? We think raving should be a full family affair. We know there are some grandparents out there who know how to get down, but why not be one of them? You can even make it a couple or team up for a group costume as the granny brigade! Just don’t break a hip out on that dancefloor. We need all of our Shambhaloves in perfect health for #Shambhala2019!

Photo: Banana Cam

Forest Fairy

Elves, nymphs, fairies, whatever you might call them. In the forest of Shambhala, you have probably seen many of these forest creatures fluttering around. If you’re looking for a costume to get in touch with your mystical side, here’s one to inspire your own fairy look this Halloween.

Photo: Insomniac Media

As Seen on TV

It’s no secret that movie and TV characters make great costumes. These pop culture references are always bound to get a chuckle from your friends. So “show us what you got” and hit up your local party store to see which of your favourites they have to offer! Or, get those glue guns out and get crafty! Nothing says festive like a hand-made costume.

Photo: Matt Love

What will you be for Halloween this year? We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Remember you can re-use and bring your costumes to the farm next summer! Seeing all of your fun ideas and creations is one of our favourite things about returning home each year.

Happy Halloween, Shambhaloves! Go get spooky!

By: Talia Smith
Talia loved Shambhala Music Festival long before she began working as the Entertainment Assistant two years ago, and that love only grew stronger when she was adopted into the farmily. She now works in several areas of the music industry, returning HOME every year to be a part of the Shambhala magic. 

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