Shambhala At Home: Living Room Stage Edition

Join us for Shambhala At Home every Friday!

Shambhala At Home: The Living Room Stage 🎉 Head to Twitch to watch the stream.

Starting Friday November 6 at 7pm PST, expect an evening of soul-filling, groove-inducing tunes from our lineup of Living Room artists. Winter vibes may be setting in, but this week’s digital stream will have you feeling that Salmo sun on your face.

Featuring sets from Dirtwire, Jeremy Sole, Marty Carter & Moontricks.


Where the past, present and future meet, you will find Dirtwire.

Incorporating both modern and ancient instruments together, this trio has found their musical footing in a realm far beyond our own. Influenced by their passion for the psychedelic world, Dirtwire takes their listeners on a transcendental exploration of music and emotion.

Experience the harmonious voyage that is a Dirtwire set during Shambhala At Home.


A musical connection of the heart, mind, and sole.

Drawing inspiration from his musically enriched childhood, Jeremy Sole harmoniously blends the sounds of Jazz, Blues, Disco and  Soul to create a genre entirely his own. When he’s not working alongside KCRW radio with his weekly feature, you can catch Jeremy Sole sharing his passion for music and production across North America.

Don’t miss his set this Friday on Twitch!


Presenting Marty Carter!

A local favourite among the West Coast, this multi-instrumentalist pours his heart and soul into every performance, creating an energy that captivates listeners every time he takes the stage.

Don’t miss the musical sounds of Marty Carter this Friday evening.


Moontricks is a farm favourite.

Known for inducing some seriously good vibes to all, this Kootenay-based duo brings that authentic West Coast feel everywhere they play. The grassroots, soulful sounds of their sets encapsulate the feeling of Shambhalove like no other.

Attending a Moontricks set is like a little slice of heaven for your ears.

We’ve moved to Twitch

See you on the virtual dancefloor!

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