Shambhala At Home: Fractal Forest

The final installment of our Shambhala At Home Series

Tune in to Twitch on Friday, November 20 at 7pm PST for the Fractal Forest edition of Shambhala At Home, our virtual streaming series. This is the final stage feature of the series, so don't miss out!

Deep in the Kootenay forests lies the Fractal Forest, it is here that Farmily members are invited to connect with their inner-child, allowing their truest-self to emerge on the dancefloor. With a world-class lineup of both local and international artists gracing the stage, the Fractal provides a musical menu that leaves guests satisfied each year,

The Fractal Forest virtual stream will feature sets from DJ Jazzy Jeff, Maddy O'Neal, and Smalltown DJs. We also have a special storytime clip with The Funk Hunters and Stickybuds. 


The Funk Hunters & Stickybuds

These Shambhala veterans will be sharing their favourite secret Shambhala stories from over the years, allowing Farmily members the chance to connect on a deeper level with the artists they know and love.

This storytime session will truly be on for the books.

DJ Jazzy Jeff

In West Philadelphia born and raised, behind the DJ decks is where Jazzy Jeff spends most of his days.

Finding fame when his duo “DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince” exploded onto the scene in 1985, Jazzy Jeff has used his time in the music industry to develop his own sound as well as use his wealth of knowledge to mentor artists who follow in his footsteps. With an impressive resume of awards, sold-out shows, and musical collaborations, we can say with confidence that Jazzy Jeff has earned his spot among the best.

Maddy O’Neal

Feel the heart and soul of Maddy O’Neal.

Seamlessly moving from genre to genre, Maddy O’Neal has captured the attention of audiences around the world thanks to her musical versatility. You won’t want to miss Maddy O’Neal’s virtual performance this Friday evening as she mixes a set of hip-hop, EDM, and more.

Smalltown DJs

With an appetite for greatness, you’ll never find this duo settling for anything less than extraordinary. Cultivating the West Coast music scene in ventures both on and off the stage, Smalltown DJs have become a vital part of the industry we all know and love.

Expect a set of bass-heavy house music during their set this Friday.

We’ve moved to Twitch

See you on the virtual dancefloor!

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