Shambhala 2019 Official Mix Series: Ivy Lab

Shambhala 2019 Official Mix Series

•• Ivy Lab ••

Ivy Lab is a duo whose sound is hard to categorize, it’s something you must experience. They bring a pioneering mix of dark, vibey, sonic sounds. A combination of experimental bass music and hip hop, some could call it Future Beats. The sounds feel like they could have been produced in outer space, that’s certainly where it will take you.

We have the pleasure of having them on our Official #Shambhala2019 mix series. This mix contains a special taste of their sound before you can hear them live at The Grove! Included are all tracks from their forthcoming EP “ Stars”, unreleased material and fresh cuts from some of their favourite artists. Have a listen and get ready to move your hips on the moon.

“We’re on site from start till finish, soaking up the spectacle, transitioning from performer to audience member and back again as fully invested witnesses to one of the most celebrated gatherings anywhere in the continent. Gassed is an understatement.” – Ivy Lab

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