Shambhala 2019 Official Mix Series: Abstrakt Sonance

Shambhala 2019 Official Mix Series

•• Abstrakt Sonance ••

The Official 2019 Mix Series is here and we’re sending it off with Deep Dark and Dangerous producer Abstrakt Sonance. He’ll be playing the Amp Stage this year.  CAUTION: This mix contains dangerous materials and goods. Jam packed with exclusive material from people pushing soundsystem music, while also breaking new boundaries. 

Take a journey with his exclusive mix and get ready for #Shambhala2019

“Shambhala is a life-enhancing experience. Like no other place on the planet, I describe it as 10,000+ of your best friends.
People feel free to express themselves and to show infinite love and gratitude.
I leave this place every year feeling refreshed and more alive than ever.
The ability to play here, express your art, and enhance the vibe of so many receptive individuals, is such a blessing. Each stage with its own vibe and aesthetic, and every soundsystem with enough sub to vibrate your soul.
Shambhala is like no other place on this planet.” – Abstrakt Sonance




Abstrakt Sonance – The Awakening (dub)
Enigma Dubz – Earthstrong (Dank n Dirty Dubz)
Abstrakt Sonance – Deep In Thought (dub)
Abstrakt Sonance x Irah – Duppy Show (Tru Thoughts)
Icicle – NT (Sentry)
SBK. & Ourman – We’re From the Desert (Dub)
Abstrakt Sonance & Substance – Smokin Blunts (forth. Sentry)
Skint Disco – Uno Bish (Glume & Phossa Remix) (forth. Silent Motion)
207 – DSP (forth. Duploc)
Nightmare – Rumble (Dub)
Replusion – Bloodstained World of Man (dub)
Ternion Sound – Ukandu Ikandu (forth. Gourmet Beats)
#TAP – (???????) DUB
Grundy – One o Seven (Dub)
Abstrakt Sonance & Vandull – Southside
Outsider & L Nix – Fear the 8th (dub)
The Maker – Wake Up (dub)
Icicle – Shout Me (Sentry)
Bukez Finezt – Headache VIP (Next Level)
ColtCuts – Passage of Arms (dub)
Abstrakt Sonance & Enigma Dubz – Pennywise (forth. DDD)
Abstrakt Sonance & D Double E – Lunatic (forth. DDD)
Abstrakt Sonance – Ishtar (forth. DDD)
Opus – Crumble (Chestplate)
Abstrakt Sonance – Mangladesh (forth Hatched)
Ago – So I Smoke (forth Innamind)
Pushloop – Malevolent (dub)
Abstrakt Sonance – You Can’t Hide (forth. DDD)
Ting – Cheddar (Aufect)
Abstrakt Sonance – Moist (Aufect)
Black Daniels – Shotcaller (Abstrakt Sonance Remix) (Dub)
J Leon – Mother Moog
Greazus & Abstrakt Sonance – Fuck Em (Aufect)
Abstrakt Sonance – Squad Up (Dub)
Doctor Jeep – Mozambique (Metafloor Remix) (Dub)
J Leon – Digital Symphony
Tre Mission – SE15 (Bare Selection)
Abstrakt Sonance & Killa P – Tax We Nuh Pay (Forth. DDD)
RUFUS! – Daft Crunk (SSDUK)
Abstrakt Sonance – Crusade
Abstrakt Sonance & Irah – No Smoke (Tru Thoughts)
ColtCuts – Vihaan (forth. Duploc)
Abstrakt Sonance & Killa P – Left Alone (Dub)
#TAP – ?????? (DUB)
Ghetts – Hell to the Liars (Spyro x London Grammer)
Abstrakt Sonance – Prosperity (Dub)

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