Shambhacares About You! Keeping you Safe on the Dance Floor

When it comes to public safety, we’re the best in the business

Our number one priority is ensuring that our guests have the best times of their lives. We spend countless hours putting together the people and the tools to create a safe, inclusive space for you. 

Below find some information about our industry-leading program that relies on state of the art technology, experienced health professionals and cutting edge thought to keep you safe and dancing, all night long. 

Harm Reduction 

They used to call us, crazy. But now they call us cutting edge. 

We’ve been testing drugs on the farm for over a decade and our program managed by ANKORS, a registered not-for-profit who help craft provincial and federal policy, is state of the art. It relies on FTIR spectrometry and takes just a few minutes to go from sample to results.

Last year ANKORS tested over three thousand samples on the Salmo River Ranch. The service they provide is anonymous and non-judgemental and their team is composed of over 70 people and includes four harm reduction coordinators and epidemiologists.

The anonymous research collected at our festival by our team is published and presented at medical conferences around the world. A paper with research conducted on the Salmo River Ranch found its way into the Canadian Journal of Public Health. It found that guests discarded their substances when their tests results did not match or could not confirm an identifiable substance. 

So stop by the Harm Reduction tent located in downtown next to medical, and take the knowledge, practice and culture you experience on the farm out into the world with you. 


Having too much fun, need to take a deep breath and a step back from the action?

Experiencing some anxiety or having a panic attack?

We’ve got a place for that. 

The Sanctuary is our safe space for hanging out when you or a friend are feeling a little lost or overwhelmed. 

It’s open 24 hours a day and staffed by medical and mental health professionals ready to help you take a step back when you need too.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any mental-health related issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, hallucinations, delusions or dissociation, visit the Sanctuary or contact a public safety professional on-site. If you cannot find one, please contact Security. They are a valuable first point of contact and will put you in touch with our Medical and Mental Health team. 

Whatever your concern, we’re are always here to help 

Please, if you see anyone in need of any kind of assistance, call our SOS number (1-778-724-1119) immediately. It will put you in touch with our Public Safety team who are able to respond to an incident anywhere on-site. 














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