EarthGang at Shambhala 2019

EarthGang at the Grove

Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, known as the genre-breaking rappers from Atlanta, Georgia, are bringing their unique mix of flow and jive to Shambhala for the FIRST time ever. Starting off as indie hits, they founded the Spillage Village crew and now have reached worldwide hip hop recognition. Focusing on freedom as a feeling, the two gain their inspiration from their vulnerability, connectedness, as well as their own conscious and subconscious inner workings. Their music combines southern rap, fused with funk and soul for a truly unique vibe – a style that is nothing but EarthGang.

Their raw energy is going to make the crowd go wild at the Grove 🔥

If you’d like to catch EarthGang, follow the link below to journey HOME to #Shambhala2019!





Filming Credits: Shambhala Films, Giovanni Cardenale

Edited by Finn Gerkens (Finnished Films), Sam Shapiro

Track: EarthGang – Proud of U

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