Dr Fresch Artist Interview

Dr.Fresch Artist Interview

Dr. Fresch prescribed a fresh dose of G house, bass house and electro beats to keep you dancing until the early hours of the morning at the Fractal Forest last year. Peep the full interview for his favourite Shambhala moments, why he loves the Fractal Forest and more.


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“Shambhala is my favorite festival because of the longstanding friendships and ongoing musical projects that serve as the pillars for the festival. The people that create each of the stages; all these different musical experiences have put twenty + years of love into this beautiful place, and they are all incredible human beings. Simply put, I’ve made so many friends and had some of my favorite festival memories on the farm!” – Dr. Fresch

What were your favourite moments from the festival this year?
I loved the live music I saw this year – D Double E and Dizzee Rascal in particular were incredible for me. I had been following Dizzee Rascal for about 10 years now, and it was incredible to see him perform live for the first time. D Double E is someone whose music I’ve become more familiar with in the last couple years and it was awesome to see him perform and DJ as well!
Photo by BeeDee
What part has Shambhala Music Festival played in your journey as an artist?
This is my second time both performing and visiting Shambhala. The Fractal Forest has served as a home for me at the festival and has brought me back to my producer roots in the array of legends and new artists that they bring every year. Seeing the mix of new and old has given me a new perspective on the way I produce and what inspiration I’ve been drawing from!
Photo by Treevalds

What is your favourite stage? 
Fractal has been a home without a doubt – but it was also incredible to see the Pagoda come to life this year, I hadn’t been back since the renovation, and it looks just incredible! I also loved visiting the Grove more this year, it’s such a vibe over there!!
Photo by Lefoto
How does Shambhala compare to other festivals that you’ve played at?

It feels like more like home than anywhere else – it’s unique in every way, and more than any other festival is an active display of both its present, and its history. I love seeing the development in each stage every year, and being a part of that growth as well. The concertgoers are also the most kind, down to earth, loving concentration of people you’ll find at any festival on the planet! See you next year!


Photo by Treevalds

We hope Dr Fresch continues to add to the Shambhala magic year after year!

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