BC Artist Spotlight Series: GREAZUS w/ Sammy Rich

Shambhala 2019 Official BC Spotlight Series

•• GREAZUS w/ Sammy Rich ••


GREAZUS is the shared vision of HxdB and Patrik Cure – two of Vancouver’s most renowned and prolific music ambassadors. From decades of producing, DJing, running their label Aufect and promoting shows in Vancouver, they have come together as a dynamic duo in the West Coast music scene. 

You can find them blowing up dance floors all over the world at festivals, and they’ll be returning to Shambhala Music Festival this summer joined by Sammy Rich. Sammy Rich has evolved from a rave kid, to DJ, to producer, and now to a rhymer. Watch out for them at the Amphitheatre stage and get familiar with their special brand of “weirdos only” music on the dance floor.

This mix is stacked with GREAZUS & Sammy Rich exclusives, edits and VIPs, loads of music from Aufect, unreleased and forthcoming dubs from artists like Ivy Lab & Two Fingers, HomeSick, Sinistarr and A.Fruit, plus a grip of recently released gold. Keeping things fresh, 52 tunes deep – A wide spectrum of flavours, from Dancehall, Hip Hop, and Grime to Footwork, Jungle and Halftime.

Shambhala’s influence on our music culture plays a huge role in allowing us to showcase our personal sounds, plus feature the artists that we work with via Aufect. The weirder the better, we are allowed to operate with full creative freedom.” – GREAZUS, 2019

Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia

1. How has Shambhala Music Festival helped you grow and evolve as an artist?

GREAZUS: Having access to the sheer amount of talent at the same place, at the same time, has helped us form lasting relationships globally and locally, and given our brand a platform to shine.

Sammy Rich: It has played a big part, and still does as I continue to evolve.  I fell in love with Shambhala the moment I showed up in 2011. For a long time, I circled my whole year around it. I tend to hide away in the studio during the fall and winter, making stuff while I imagine being at a stage.  

2. What can we expect from your 2019 Shambhala set and what can we expect from you on the music front in the future? 

GREAZUS: Our set will feature Sammy performing onstage with us. We plan to drop tons of fresh dubs from Aufect, our own original beats from the full-length album that we just dropped, plus as many unreleased dubs as we can squeeze in. Tasteful dancefloor music with cheeky flair. We’re now returning to the studio with a refreshed palette and we’re feeling inspired to create something totally unique but at the same time familiar.

Sammy Rich: The set is going to be weird, wacky and energetic. We want to showcase something fresh and fun – expect to dance and laugh.  As for the future, my debut LP will be out on Aufect in the fall. We’ve got several other things brewin’, including the formation of a new artist collective under the Aufect brand called “Weirdos Only”.

3. What do you have to say about the evolution of the West Coast Music Scene? What makes it so special and unique?

GREAZUS: Due to the large influence of our world-class festivals in proximity, we have incredibly deep pools of talent on the West, which we have been able to tap into with Aufect. We’ve really developed our own unique sound in underground bass music, and we feel like Aufect, and it’s artists are at the forefront of this movement.

Sammy Rich: I haven’t traveled very much so my perspective is narrow and probably biased… But there is an undeniable vibe that just feels special at places like Shambhala or Bass Coast. Artists from around the world are always going off about it when they’re here. I’m proud and feel grateful to be from here.

4. What BC town or city are you from and how has it influenced your music and you as an artist?

GREAZUS: We’re from Vancouver. It’s a tough city to get by in, so it’s instilled a strong work ethic in us and taught us not to take anything for granted. Vancouver has always had a reputation for Sound System culture and was one of the pioneering Canadian scenes for pushing new sounds forward. The third member of GREAZUS is officially Cannabis, and there’s no shortage of that around here (Laughs intensely).

Sammy Rich: I’m from god’s country baby (Haha!), North Burnaby, BC. I still live here and bounce between home and my studio in East Vancouver. Most of my close friends are the same cats I kicked it with in elementary school. We all turned into little shit head ravers in high school. It was later on, finding that niche bass music scene in East Van that really had an influence on my sound. Now that I’m writing rhymes it’s cool though, cause I can reach back and talk about all the stupid stuff I’ve done over the years.

5. What are your future goals as an artist?

GREAZUS: We plan on pursuing our artistic outlet as GREAZUS, and continuing to work with a diverse range of vocalists. Professionally, we’re growing our Aufect brand by launching an artist booking and management agency in 2020, called AAA (Aufect Artist Agency). You can expect to see most of your local Aufect favorites and a handful of international talent as well. Aufect Recording, on the other hand, is planning to start releasing vinyl again in 2020 and we already have some spicy treats in store.

Sammy Rich: There are too many things. That’s probably one of the harder parts about this – the infinite possibilities. That said, after the album drops I’d really like to collaborate more in general but also with artists using different mediums. I’ve always wanted to humour others, tell stories, and amuse people. Rapping has presented itself to me as a bridge between the aspirations I mentioned, and my music/productions. I could talk about my ideas and goals from now till Shambhala 2020. Until then.

Mix Track List 

Sammy Rich – Realest Shit (Aufect Recordings)
Stormzy – Vossi Bop
Clipse – Grindin (Doctor Jeep Edit)
Architect – Motocross Riddim
Ikonika x 45DiBoss – Inah Line
Wiley – Boasty (Barisone Edit)
Giggs – Baby
Ward 21 – One Two
DJ NA – Wine Mine
Sammy Rich – Throw It Up (Aufect Recordings)
Ting “Mondarin”  (Sammy Rich’s Say My Name Edit)  (Aufect Recordings)
Skiibii – Daz How Star Do feat. Falz Teni & DJ Neptune
Maky Lavender – Wanna Up Dat
Flowdan – Welcome To London
Berner – Tick
Shedbug – Aciidmuzik
Origin8a & Propa – Turn me Out
Keerd – Mind’s Eye
MOTU – Have To Know feat. Nico Lindsay
Skepta – Redrum feat. Key!
Octavian – Stressed
Sammy Rich – Dripped (Aufect Recordings)
GREAZUS – Golden Hour (Aufect Recordings)
Gold Bullets – Wasted feat. Bigredcap (GREAZUS Remix)
Wiley – And Again (GREAZUS XoTiC VIP)
GREAZUS x Sinistarr – UR4CR33PER
Loud Provider – One Pump (DJ Swisha Remix)
Breaka – Damn Hot
Little Simz – 101 FM feat. Spragga Benz
A.Fruit – Make Them Shake
HomeSick – 1-800-ARE-U-SLAPPIN (Sinistarr Remix)
DieMantle – Be Right There
Root For The Villain – Meazels
DJ Madd – Watch Forward (GREAZUS Remix)
Sun People – Hidden Code
Beatkitty – Chowder feat. Nova
GREAZUS x Sinistarr – Ride (Aufect Recordings)
Ting – Frogs (Aufect Recordings)
Chase & Status – Program (ColtCuts & Abstrakt Sonance Bootleg)
Ruse – Move From The Gate (Moniker Remix)
Evolushawn – Liberation Dub
OAKK – Bengali (Aufect Recordings)
Posij – On The One
Provoke – Small Talk (Aufect Recordings)
Sam Binga & Redders – Vandilero
Sammy Rich – You Don’t Know (Aufect Recordings)
Ivy Lab x Two Fingers – Orange
HØST – Watch It (Thelem Remix) (Aufect Recordings)
Sammy Rich – Do Me a Favour (Aufect Recordings)
Samurai Breaks – Razor Sharp (Aufect Recordings)
SKEW & ReDraft – No Hype
Jellynote – Eat My Shorts

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