BC Artist Spotlight Series: Goopsteppa

Shambhala 2019 Official BC Spotlight Series

•• Goopsteppa ••

Goopsteppa is from Montreal but has been living in British Columbia since 2009. The west coast music festival circuit was a big draw for him and the first large chunk of his musical work under the moniker, Goopsteppa, came to fruition while he was living in Nelson, BC. Since living in BC, his music remains inspired by the natural world.

He now performs all across the world and sells out events across North America. He has opened for some of the largest artists in the world, including performing at Bassnectar’s Freestyle Sessions and headlining Alex Grey’s CoSM. 

He sidesteps standard bass music and his sound bounce across the space-time continuum, while emanating lush gangsta ambience.  Head bob with the gnomies and catch him this year at The Grove!

Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia


1. How has Shambhala Music Festival helped you grow and evolve as an artist?

Shambhala is a world of its own, providing a magical space for expression, connection and growth. It completely blew my mind on my first year, and I feel that there is undoubtedly something very special about it. Getting to share more and more creatively over the years has definitely been an honour, and I always think about how magical some of my experiences there have been when I prepare new works. The desire to inspire and lift others keeps me inspired for sure, always hoping people can have amazing experiences there. Grateful to be returning once again!

2. What can we expect from your 2019 Shambhala set and what can we expect from you on the music front in the future? 

My 2019 set will contain a big amount of my recent original materials, and very likely some tunes of mine I haven’t even completed yet / tunes from other artist friends / inspirations. I tend to vary the content I use depending on the timeslot I get to play.

I plan on continuing to create content, some more dance floor oriented bass music, some deeper emotive tunes. I’m interested in exploring more and more collaborative works with the big network of artists I’ve connected to over my years of touring. Music writing helps me move through life’s journey, and I think it will be part of my whole life.

3. What do you have to say about the evolution of the West Coast Music Scene? What makes it so special and unique?

It’s a vibe…

4. What BC town or city are you from and how has it influenced your music and you as an artist?

I’m actually originally from Montreal, but traveled to BC in 2009 after feeling very unfulfilled in a fine arts program in college. The festival circuit on the west coast was a big draw to me, a provided much inspiration.

I’ve lived in Victoria, Salt-Spring Island, Nelson, East Van and North Van over the years. 

The first large chunk of my work as Goopsteppa was actually written while living in Nelson. The mountains were a perfect sanctuary for creativity. I love nature, so BC is a very special place to me with all its forests, mountains, rivers and the ocean. 

I currently live in North Van, perfectly balanced between the city and forest.

5. What are your future goals as an artist?

I hope to create more and more works that can inspire other humans.

Art is a powerful tool to convey messages and bring people together.

Honing in on how I can use creativity to create positive ripples in this world is what I intend to do.

Mix Track List 

Goopsteppa & ill chill – Sour
Goopsteppa – CRSTL VIP
Goopsteppa – Selekta
Goopsteppa Mashup – Elephant Doc – Subways x Drake- No Tellin
Goopsteppa – Elixir
J-Kenzo – Zbantu Shake
Gisaza – Vokkan
DnA (Dov1 n An-Ten-Nae) – Dreams (OAKK Remix)
Goopsteppa & ill chill – Panoramic
Tosti & Sweepa – Kopstoot
Goopsteppa – Spaceship1 
Goopsteppa & Ill Chill – Keep Growing

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