5 Reasons to donate to ANKORS when you buy your #Shambhala2020 ticket home

They’ve been there since the start 

For nearly two decades ANKORS has pushed the bar, setting an industry-leading precedent for harm reduction strategies. Lessons learned at Shambhala Music Festival have been published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health and presented at medical conferences in New York City and Capetown, South Africa. 

Below find five reasons why you should donate to ANKORS when you purchase your ticket home. 

They set the Bar

ANKORS aren’t just any harm reduction organization. Their work continues to inform and help transform the nature of the industry and set precedents around the world. Recently their harm reduction work was listed next to European and South American organizations in David Byrne’s new blog, Reasons to be Cheerful

They are a local non-profit community organization 

ANKORS are true to their roots. This grassroots organization is local to the West Kootenay, (where Shambhala Music Festival takes place) and is constantly doing important work here, not just for festival attendees, but for the lovely folks who call this slice of paradise home. 

They rely on state of the art technology to keep you safe 

ANKORS uses a FTIR spectrometer and fentanyl test strips. The spectrometer is among the best pieces of technology available to get the job done. It can analyze a substance and detect what’s in it instantly. 

They don’t just do harm reduction work at music festivals

It can be easy to forget that it isn’t just on the farm (or at other music festivals in the Kootenays) that ANKORS is doing its important work. They regularly conduct harm reduction exercises out of their location on Baker St. in Nelson, B.C., some 40 minutes from the Salmo River Ranch. Their mandate isn’t just to keep you safe on the dancefloor, but to keep all of us safe, no questions asked. 

They’re Farmily and do this important work anonymously 

ANKORS are Farmily. They got their start kicking up dust on the farm and pushing the boundaries of what was possible in a time when this kind of work was regularly shunned by local, provincial and federal government. Today it is the standard and helping to inform public policy. 

The best part? ANKORS are 100% anonymous and non-judgemental. They are here for your safety. 

How can I donate?

If you’d like to donate to ANKORS, you can hear to our website here and scroll down to ‘donate to ANKORS‘. Simply select your chosen amount and scroll down to the checkout. You can also donate to ANKORS or learn more on their website here.

To find more information, donate or inquire about volunteer opportunities, click here

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