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LA’s Crywolf has made quite the name for himself over the last four years with his undeniable talent as a producer, vocalist and instrumentalist. Supported by some of the music industry’s top players like Skrillex, Bassnectar, and even Ellie Goulding; Crywolf’s melodic sound is bound to capture hearts on our Amphitheatre stage.

Our Amp stage director, Mike Stewart, said he’s especially thrilled to have booked this rising star, telling us of his prediction that “Crywolf is going to be a pop music superstar. His style is palatable to the masses, and very different from the shows we normally have at Shambhala. It is emotional, intensely musical, and still fits the bass realm that our sound system demands.”

Since he released his first EP Ghosts in 2013, Crywolf’s following efforts have topped iTunes and Billboard charts. His first full-length LP Cataclasm was internationally recognized and covered by heavy-hitters in the media such as Vice and DJ Magazine.

Now with his sights set on another album release, there was only one place Crywolf said he set out to get his inspiration from.

“I went to Patagonia to the jungle to write [the album] for a month. It has all sorts of weird inspirations and I’m really excited to see how it progresses.” For reference, check out this ‘Making Of’ series from when he traveled to Iceland to record Cataclasm

Crywolf’s distinctive, intimate sound with inspiration drawn from bizarre places across the globe has amassed an unquestionably large following in a short amount of time.

His rapid and early success propelled him into his first headlining tour just last year that sold-out several shows across the U.S. If another album in the works wasn’t enough, Crywolf said he’s set to start another tour in the fall.

“I’m currently re-conceptualizing the Crywolf Live Set for the fall, which is thrilling. The whole live set was such a big leap to begin with, and now that I’ve toured with it for a year, it’s going to be awesome to be able to re-do it with all my new knowledge. All new live visuals, all kinds of cool stuff,” he told us. 

With a headlining tour and several albums on his plate in recent years, it hasn’t given Crywolf much time to make many festival appearances. The producer said he’s looking forward to his set on the farm and connecting with new listeners, noting “I love having my live set exposed to so many new fans that have heard of me but haven’t seen my show.”

Likewise, we look forward to welcoming Crywolf to the Salmo River Ranch in just over one month’s time for his debut Shambhala performance.


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