Team Descriptions

Volunteer Positions

Anything Goes (Preshow & Showtime)
Environment Crew (Showtime)
Farm Dec (Preshow)
Fire Crew (Showtime)
Food Processing (Preshow)
Garden (Preshow)
Harm Reduction (Showtime)
Human Resources (Preshow & Showtime)
Kitchen (Preshow & Showtime)
Medical (Showtime)
Mill Gate (Showtime)
Parking (Showtime)
Reception (Preshow & Showtime)
Shambhassadors (Showtime)
ShambhaLodging (Pre/Post Show & Showtime)
Site Maintenance (Preshow)
Taxi Crew (Showtime)
Vendor Crew (Showtime)

Staff Positions

Bathroom Crew (Showtime)
Beverage Kiosks (Showtime)
Blaze Burgers (Showtime)
Business Admin (Showtime)
Cafe Night Owl (Showtime)
Dispatch (Showtime)
Farm Phresh Smoothies (Showtime)
Ice Sales (Showtime)
Kitchen (Preshow & Showtime)
Pucker Up Lemonade (Showtime)
Mill Gate (Showtime)
Oink Pulled Pork (Showtime)
Parking (Showtime)
Pasta Joint (Showtime)
Retail (Showtime)
Security (Showtime)
Stagekeepers (Showtime)
Transportation (Showtime)

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