Camping and Parking at Shambhala

What’s the Deal with Camping?

Unlike many other festivals, Shambhala does not have designated camping sites and we are fairly unrestrictive as to where we allow our guests to setup their tents and campsites.

Our guests are welcome to setup their tent in any of the following areas FOR NO ADDITIONAL FEE:

We encourage our guests to drop off their gear at our drop zone and leave their vehicles in our Free Parking lot.

I Need to camp With my vehicle. What are my Options?

If you need to camp with your vehicle, RV, or trailer, you will need to purchase either a Sunshine or Starlight parking decal and will only be able to setup camp with your vehicle in the respective zone. There are no free camping options available if you want to camp with your vehicle.

Car-camping decals are only available on-site and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Although Sunshine decals are generally available all weekend, Starlight decals usually sell out quite quickly. In 2017, our Starlight decals sold out during the evening of the Tuesday, pre-show.

Shambhala Crew members are not permitted to purchase a Starlight decal for their vehicle, unless they are sleeping in it.

Can my friends camp with me in the Starlight or Sunshine zone if they don't have a decal?
How much do the car-camping decals cost?
What is the difference between a regular and an oversize vehicle?

What is ShambhaLodging?

Are you travelling to come to Shambhala? Don’t have any space in your vehicle for camping gear? Want to skip the holding lots during entry? Just want the peace of mind of having a reserved space in the trees? Our five different Lodging packages add the little bit of extra comfort and assistance in helping provide a smooth experience for you when coming to the festival?

ShambhaLodging is our premium camping service, offering reserved campsites in the shade with other ShambhaLodgers. ShambhaLodging packages include a reserved campsite for up to 4 people in the wooded ShambhaLodging zone, with complimentary early entry included for two.

For more information about ShambhaLodging, or to purchase a ShambhaLodging package. Please visit our ShambhaLodging page.

Download a PDF Version of our Map

Camp Clean Beats

We are pleased to offer Camp Clean Beats! A clean and sober camping zone in the Starlight lot. Please join us if you want to ensure you have a clean and sober camping experience while at Shambhala. When you arrive on-site, follow the Camp Clean Beats signs to our zone.

Anyone entering this camping zone MUST be clean and sober. Please don’t bring drugs or alcohol in as they are not allowed on the premises.

How do I join the camp? Come! Let us know you want to camp with us, and arrive as early as you can. Availability is first come, first served. We ask the all camp participants fill out our Camp Clean Beats Registration Form. If you have any questions

We welcome ALL clean and sober Shambhala-ers to camp with us.
Just show up to the camp, ask for someone to help you find a place to camp.
We also love refugees! Even if you are camped elsewhere and you decide it’s too crazy there on Friday, you can pack up and move in with us.

Check out a recent edit done by Vice videographer Daniel J Pearce, to get a good idea of what Camp Clean Beats is all about:

Note: We are camp YES, but we are also camp NO… no, you should NOT camp with us if you plan on using any kind of substance while at Shambhala. Camp Clean Beats needs to stay a safe haven from that influence. We are a clean and sober camp… period.

Have other questions?

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