BASScamp Art Gallery Application 2019


Greetings!  This is an invitation to exhibit art in the Basscamp Art Gallery at Shambhala Music Festival in 2019.  With over 17,000 in attendance (including artists, contractors, guests and crew), and running for 22 years, SMF is a great event to showcase and sell your artworks.  This year's event runs from Aug 9-12, 2019.

With an audience who are very receptive to and appreciative of art, and sales are strong, with many instances of multiple copies being sold of canvas giclées and printed reproductions. Original one-of-a-kind artworks are welcome, and we provide a display area for smaller items such as cards, prints, stickers, etc. which are also very popular with our guests.

The gallery is located in the Basscamp Dome in the most central area of the event right beside the water fill stations, gardens, ATMs and close to the food court.  At night, it is a welcoming white beacon to festival participants, to enjoy a chill space to connect with the artworks and each other.

You DO NOT have to be at the festival to have your art displayed there.  Instructions for shipping art to the curator will come with acceptance of your application.  If you want to attend you will have to purchase your own ticket.

However, if you would like to volunteer and be part of the Basscamp Crew, there are a limited amount of passes given out. For your festival pass, you will be required to help with set up and take down,  gallery operations and sales, and follow the curator's direction. Basscamp Gallery is a team effort, and we love to have enthusiastic creative artists to interact with the audience, do live painting and give artist talks.

Please indicate in your submission if you would like to be part of Basscamp Gallery Crew, and what skills you can bring to the team.

Banner Image: Caspian Kai Photo

Submission Guidelines

Please include a short bio and a description of your artworks.


  • Submit a maximum of 5 images that you wish to exhibit (it is possible that not all images will be selected)
  • Size of artworks should be no larger than 36"X42"
  • Send images as a jpeg format no more than 2MB each, and no less than 1000 pixelss wide or 200kb
  • Include a corresponding image list with Title, Medium, Size and Price.
  • Preference is towards original works or canvas prints.  Art with glass can not be accepted as no glass is allowed on the Shambhala site.

Canvas prints are suggested for these reasons:

Canvas prints are typically in the affordable price range for this audience. In past years canvas prints sell faster than originals, and we can take fully paid orders at the event after the first one sells.  This means popular images can earn some artists up to 6+ in extra sales.

If you need to order canvas prints here is an affordable and quality place to get them in Canada:  We advise getting test samples done and plan ahead as they can take up to 4 weeks.

Standard stretcher bar width of 3/4" is preferred for transport reasons.



There will be a 40% commission taken on all sales. All artwork submitted must be available for purchase and the prices listed must be considered by the curator to be fair, with reasonable market value to be included.



Application deadline is May 31st.  You will receive an email informing you that you application has been received. Email notification of acceptance into the exhibit will be sent out by June 1st or sooner.  You will receive this additional notice only if you have been accepted. Artist confirmation is due on June 5th. If confirmation is not received by then, your space will open to another artist on the waiting list. Art Shipping deadline and location TBA with exhibition confirmation.



It is up to each artist to insure their own work how they see fit.  There will be a 24hr staff and security within the gallery. We do our absolute best to care for the artwork, however we cannot cover for art that is stolen or damaged from within the gallery.



You are required to pay for all of your own shipping costs.  Shipping location TBA in acceptance letter. Pieces that do not sell will be re-packaged in the original container for return.  You will be required to pay for return shipping before it is sent.

Apply Now

To apply, please:

- Send your application to:

- Include the subject line: 'Shambhala 2019 BASScamp Art Application: [Your Name]'

- Include your short bio, description of artworks and images (see Submission Guidelines above).

If you have any questions, please send in an email.




Debra Rushfeldt / Curator / Basscamp Art Gallery

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