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Be Prepared

It’s difficult to predict how long wait times will be because we don’t know exactly how many people are going to show up before the gates open. It could be as little as a few minutes (more likely from Friday onwards) or several hours. If you arrive early to the ranch, be prepared for long wait times between 6 and 12 hours. Regardless of when you arrive, come prepared for the heat of the day. Make sure you have things like sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, appropriate clothing, lots of water (4L per person), at least one substantial meal, and snacks. For extra comfort, consider keeping a couple icepacks and a spray bottle (to mist yourself and others) in your cooler. Above all be patient, you’re only moments away from Home.

Early Entry

All tickets provide General Admission on Friday, August 10th, 2018 at 8AM. Guests are welcome to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday, but will be subject to an additional fee at the rates below. Early Admission is collected in cash as you enter into the festival, and cannot be purchased in advance.

2018 Early Entry Rates:

Wednesday August 8th

  • $120 CAD (incl. taxes)
    per person
  • In effect from gate opening until 7:59AM Thursday, August 9th
  • Get set up and settled in – best camping selection
  • No stages open
  • Artisan Market and Food Court and will be open beginning Wednesday morning
  • *Longest wait times due to volume of arrivals

Thursday August 9th

  • $60 CAD (incl. taxes)
    per person
  • In effect from
  • 8AM Thursday, August 9th until 7:59AM Friday, August 10th
  • Overflow camping available
  • 2 of 6 Stages open – AMPitheatre and Living Room Stage
  • *Shorter wait times, but please still prepare for a 2 to 5 hour wait.

Friday August 10th

  • $0
  • General Admission in effect from
  • Friday, August 10th at 8AM
  • No additional fee
  • Overflow camping available
  • All 6 stages open
  • * Minimal wait times
* Wait times are variable and unpredictable. When coming to the ranch, be prepared to pay the Early Entry fee in effect at the time you arrive at the bottom of the farm road. For safety and traffic control reasons, guests are not permitted to wait on-site for fees to roll over. If you wish to wait for fees to switch, you will be required to leave the ranch to do so. Rates change over at 8:00AM.
Why does Shambhala have Early Entry?

Will Call

Will Call tickets can be claimed at the Reception building located near the main gate. Upon arriving at the farm you will meet many of our staff on the way in.  Mention that you are picking up tickets at Will Call and they will direct you to Reception. Need to leave a ticket at the gate for a friend? You can register tickets on the Will Call list for a $13 CAD registration fee – be sure you know your friend’s full name as seen on their gov’t ID (you can leave notes/maps for friends this way too!). See also: Will Call FAQTicket FAQ


Please keep your wristband safe. If you lose your wristband, you will no longer have access to the festival. Your ticket is no longer valid once it has been scanned. If your wristband is too tight or is bothering your, return to the ticket gate (where you got your wristband) to get a replacement with your ticket. The Ticketing Team can re-issue you a new one. Do not cut off your wristband.

Re-Entry Policy

If you need go to town and come back during the festival, there is a re-entry fee of $20 CAD per person, per re-entry, payable upon your return.


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