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We’re kicking this year’s mix series off with a wonky bang, care of young bass music producers um.. and Dancing Astronaut has signed on to help us get it out there!

This duo is scheduled to make their Canadian debut this summer at Shambhala 2017 on The Amphitheatre Stage. Their sound is defined as “experimental bass,” embracing aesthetics from trap and dubstep, while shying away from an over-polished sound for one that is a bit more DIY; unafraid to be original, oftentimes adopting a cheeky sense of humor.. We’ve got a quick interview with the producers below, where again, it becomes evident that they are not afraid of havin’ a laugh!

Tracklisting for the mix is included below that. Press play, and get familiar!

(SMF) So first off, let’s get some background info: who is um.. and where is um.. from?

(um..) who isn’t um.. we are all um.. we just only have the money to afford one bucket helmet right now.

How did you meet up and start working together? What sort of specifics did you find drew you two to one another?

we met sitting next to each other at icon collective production school. we got along so we decided to move in together and start making music.

In a nutshell, what could you say about your initial influences that brought you to DJing and producing electronic music?

honestly we could not fit inside of a nutshell. also, skrillex.

There is a certain sense of humor / cheekiness to your sound. What is it that drives the two of you to draw outside of the lines, in that regard?

where we come from there’s two types of producers. those who ain’t and those who are knee high on a grasshopper. which type ain’t you ain’t?

It’s looking like a busy summer for um.. Between appearances at Shambhala, other festivals like UpNorth, Down To Earth and 515 Alive, alongside a regular regiment of club gigs.. Any major releases scheduled on the horizon for um.. or any other big plans you’re tackling over this summer?

yeah we’re very excited about all the upcoming shows / festivals this summer. we’ve been working at finishing a lot of music, some originals and some collabs that we’re stoked on. we’re planning to put out a collab compilation with some of our homies. we’ve never collaborated before, so it’s been an awesome learning experience. can’t say too much more about it yet, but you can hear some of our collab with yunis in the mix. the comp is set to drop late july.

Have you performed in Canada before? We take it you haven’t made it up to Shambhala before, so we are curious to know if you have heard much about our festival? We are curious to know what kind of reputation precedes us, and who may have informed you as such?

we haven’t been to canada before, but we’re happy to finally be coming out. we’ve been following the shambhala festival for 8 or 9 years now & this was at the top of our list of places we’d want to play. our introduction was through excision’s shambhala mixes & we’ve been following the festival ever since.

Lastly, we’re always curious to know which producers will be filling your playlists throughout the summer. Any hot up and coming artists that you’d recommend our audience tune into before we head into the home stretch of Shambhala?

definitely check out esq, yunis, sumthin sumthin, x&g and the lost dogz collective

Many thanks for your time, and safe travels to the farm – we are really looking forward to your set on the Amphitheatre this summer at the 20th Annual Shambhala!

thanks for having us! really excited to see what shambhala is all about.

•• Tracklisting ••

(0:12)um.. – zoo remix
(2:03)tulso – favela
(3:03)ian monroe & holly – occult (um.. edit)
(3:46)knyves – mineral water
(4:57)shlump – funk(beat-box)
(6:00)the others & emalkay – fall out
(6:57)Josh Pan – tellin’ you that
(8:05)um.. – don’t copy us
(9:20)um.. – skrillex
(10:20)um.. – why tho
(12:04)sumthin sumthin – hollow
(13:05)NApkn – lunar
(14:15) duskus – kreme (um.. edit)
(14:40)um.. – ID
(15:46)knyvez – opus
(16:35)mr. carmack – lonelyfuckingsamuri
(17:12)um.. & yunis – ID
(18:15)um.. – mad recent
(18:42)rage logic & Josh Pan – feelin me
(19:43)sandwiches – grown up(foxtrot rework)
(21:05)milano – tamarack
(21:29)kursa – storm siren
(22:28)tails. – 100 hammers
(23:35)yunis – eclat
(24:43)oski – super hot
(25:51)hmu – for the culture
(26:24)aska – yspo
(27:19)baauer & cz – how can u tell when its done
(28:57)Josh Pan & x&g & jargon odegard – tomahawk


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