2017 Guests’ Early Purchase Access for 2018

To our beloved Shambhala 2017 guests,

Thank you 2017

Shambhala Music Festival wants to thank you for your incredible positivity and continued Shambhalove and support. Thank you for 20 years of amazing music, dance, art, dedication, connection, experience, adventure and more! We couldn’t have done it without you.

To express our sincere gratitude, we are offering our 2017 ticket holders an exclusive early opportunity to purchase 2018 tickets.

This exclusive offer is available only to those customers who purchased tickets directly through Shambhala Music Festival.

Shambhala will provide a 24-hour window to purchase your ticket(s). 

Here’s how it will work:

  • Beginning Thursday, August 31st, 2017, at 12:00 PM PST and ending Friday, September 1st, 2017 at 12:00 PM PST.
  • You will need a 2017 ticket ID # (Ticket numbers are found on the barcode of the physical ticket or in the email for e-tickets) and the PayPal email address associated with your ticket purchase.
  • You will be able to purchase up to the same quantity of 2018 tickets, as per your 2017 order.
  • You will only have ONE chance to take advantage of this exclusive offer as your email address gets you a ONE time early ticket purchase access. Once an email address and ticket number have been used to access the early purchase page, all other 2017 tickets purchased under that email address will be marked as “used” by our system. (No other tickets can be used for a pre-sale purchase.)
  • Once you have begun an early purchase session, you will have one hour to complete your purchase. Please avoid closing your browser window as failure to complete the purchase will result in the session being terminated, and the email and tickets being marked as “used”.
  • Promo Tickets cannot be utilized to access the early access day. However, E-ticket holders can access the early access page using the number below their email barcode sent to them via email.
  • Do not open multiple browser windows as this may result in losing your session. Don’t close your browser window during the session and complete your purchase as quickly as possible to avoid timing out.

If you experience issues, revisit the website on September 1st at 12:00 PM PST for General Admission sales.

2018 Early Ticket Purchasing for 2017 Guests FAQ

I bought my ticket from someone else. Can I use the barcode # on my ticket to access this offer?
Will the servers crash during early access sales?
Will 2018 tickets sell out during the early access opportunity?
Can I use my transaction ID number on my email confirmation?
What if we had e-tickets or ShambhaLodging transferrred in our name?

This offer is ONLY valid for original 2017 ticket purchasers who bought directly from our Official Shambhala Music Festival website. If for some reason you are unable to access the early purchasing page, we encourage you to make your way to general admission sales on Friday Sept 1st, 2017.

Photo credit: Glenn McLelland

Please check our website on Thursday, August 31st to access the early ticket purchasing page.

Much love from the Farmily. We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor in 2018!


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