2017 Artisan Vendors

Artisan Vendor Dates of Importance (2017)

  • March 1 Artisan Vendor Applications Open
  • March 20 – Artisan Vendor Applications Close
  • April 3 – Notifications Delivered to Successful Applicants with Auction Instructions
  • April 18 to 21 – Tier One Artisan Auction
  • April 25 to 28 – Local Handcrafted Artisan Auction
  • May 2 to 5 – Tier Two Artisan Auction
  • July 15 – 17:00 PST – Final booth payments due (for vendors who are pre-approved for a payment plan)

Before you Apply

Before you apply to be a vendor at Shambhala, you will want to ensure you meet the requirements for our Artisan vendors.

Hours of Operation

We require our vendors to be open for a minimum number of hours. Being open these times is important as it has direct impact on the vendors around you.

Local Handcrafted Artisan Tier

Artisans located within our local artisan tier booths are required to be open daily from 10:00am until 10:00pm during the days of the festival.

Tier One Artisans

Although most vendors in this area are open 24hrs per day, artisans in Tier One booths are required to be open daily from 10:00am until 2:00am during the days of the festival.

Tier Two Artisans

Artisans in Tier Two booths are required to be open daily from 10:00am until Midnight during the days of the festival.

As a vendor, if you are not working the minimum hours, you may be fined or escorted off the premises.

Prohibited Items

In order to be considered for vending at Shambhala, your product line will be reviewed by festival officials to ensure your products will complement the overall spirit of our artisan vendor area. Vendor products must meet the following rules:

  • No Glass
  • No Smoking Paraphernalia
  • No Use of the Shambhala Music Festival Name, Word-marks, or Logos.
  • No items identified on our list of Banned Items.

CBSA Regulations

Shambhala Music Festival is an event registered with the Canada Border Services Agency.

Exhibitors may import display items and exhibit booths temporarily as outlined in the provisions of tariff
classification 9993.00.00.00 duty free, on the condition that the goods will be exported from Canada upon
the completion of the event.

Items imported to be given away or sold at this event will require formal customs accounting
documentation and any applicable duties and/or taxes will be collected at the time of importation.
Any foreign exhibitors importing goods into Canada should check with U.S. Customs prior to shipping
your convention goods, as the requirement is any goods over $2000. U.S. must be reported to U.S.
Customs. They can document your goods on the form 4455 so they can identify the goods on your return
to the U.S.

Foreign nationals may engage in exhibiting, selling or displaying goods without a work permit provided they are not selling to the general public. Direct sales to the general public require a work permit. For more information please visit: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/index.asp

Artisan Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest, however our 2017 application closed on March 20

Auction Instructions

Our artisan vendors are required to participate in an auction in order to determine their booth selection. Full auction instructions will be made available to successful applicants once their initial application is approved.

Food Vendors

Returning Vendors

Food vendors who have vended with us in 2016 do not need to re-apply to be a vendor in 2017. Our food vendor co-ordinator will be contacting you to confirm arrangements for 2017 sometime around March.

We generally receive many requests from new food vendors wanting to vend at Shambhala. Due to the high loyalty rate of our existing food vendors, we do not regularly have available spaces. We will accept applications for review because if you have an amazing product we don’t want to miss out. The 2016 food vendors will be contacted by March 30, 2017 to discuss this year’s attendance at our festival and current changes.

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