The Flowbot’s Shambhala Journey [Video]

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First business day of 2017.. Back to life, back to reality!
…No? Not feeling it?
Well then, we recommend pressing play to accompany the “Ultimate Intergalactic Robot Ninja” known as The Flowbot on his surreal journey across Shambhala as he performs alongside artists like REZZ, The Librarian, Manic Focus, The Widdler and S2! This clip is certainly a departure from the every day, which we’re sure many of you could use as you adjust back to your regular routine after New Years and the holidays..
Whatever the case – do yourself a favour and maximize the screen, turn up the bass, and prepare to be transported to another realm only accessible by traveling through a secret portal near Salmo, BC – where bioluminescent, automated breakdancing cyborgs are the every day norm!
Film by Rebel Cause Films, Music by 2tight


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