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With Valentine’s Day fresh on our mind, we wanted to do our part to spread some genuine feels and emotion throughout our following, launching a ShambhaLOVE contest, offering up an undeniably lovely prize package! Our grand prize winner – which was the Facebook story submitted via comment on our initial contest launch image to receive the most Likes as of 4pm PST on February 14th, 2017 – has won themselves a pair of tickets to the sold out 20th Annual Shambhala Music Festival, as well as a custom, upgraded ShambhaLodging package!

Three Runner Up Winners will also receive a unique one-time use coupon code on our brand new webstore, redeemable for free shipping and a maximum of $50 CAD off your shopping cart total. Use it now to procure the Shambhala Toques, Earrings, and Cuffs – or hold on to it for later use as we continue to add more products to our digital storefront regularly. Coupon codes can be used on one order only and any unused balance cannot be carried over to another order, and they also hold no value on the festival grounds itself. Keep in mind that these items are also available for purchase in person at The Savoy Hotel in Nelson, BC.

We hope that these inspiring fables will continue to foster the proliferation of open minds and open hearts found across Shambhala each year, encouraging another 20 years worth of uplifting Tales of ShambhaLove..

Grand Prize Winner: Deven Neu of Edmonton, AB

It’s a long shot but I wanna tell you my Shamb story! I feel like when a kid says that they’ve always wanted to go to the magical place called DisneyLand that it’s the same thing for grown ups to want to go to the magical place of Shambhala! (You know which ones, the grown ups that have “Peter Pan syndrome” that never want to grow up). When I think of the Farm I do get goosebumps at times, I often find myself rewatching the aftermovies of previous years just to get my happy fix. This will be my third Shambs in a row now. The people you meet the vibe that pours out onto you like warm sunshine, the beauty of the mountains in the background with a river flowing through and not to mention the summoning music that just hits you right where and when you need it its just indescribable until you’re actually there yourself experiencing it first hand. You can really only say so much to someone of how good it is until you yourself are there, am I right?!

This is why I would love to share this with my girlfriend cause she means the world to me and I want this for the both of us to grow and share these moments together! it was kind of a shock to see just how fast tickets sold for this years 20th Anniversary. My girlfriend Erin Mccullough bless her heart for her having to listen to me talk about how amazing Shambhala really is (like a piece of Heaven here on earth) and only having one ticket. I keep telling her how much I’d want her to have and share this experience with me and how I want to see if anyone leading up to August is wanting to sell a ticket so she can come. I was thinking about how love does spread, especially ShambhaLOVE and thought you know what, if I actually won this I would put on the Shambhala FB page that I would give away my ticket to another person in the very same spot as me totally free so that they could bring the person they’ve been wanting to go with as well. I guess it’s good karma but then again it’d be straight up ShambhaLOVE!

Posted by Amanda Kennedy on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Runner Up #1: Amanda Kennedy of Chilliwack, BC

My boyfriend and I met 6 months before he went to his first Shambhala in 2015. It was at a point in both our lives where we were sick of being unlucky in love and we’re tired of the same old same old. I was meeting an old coworker for coffee and because the building is so secure if you’re not employed there, you can’t get past security. After waiting for a while, I decided to ask the next person I saw if they knew my friend. Along came Tony with some guy I don’t even know. When I asked, he went in and checked for me and told me that he’d be right back. When he came back, he poked his head around the security door and said ‘I’m sorry, she can’t come out and play right now’ in the sassiest voice if ever heard. I was in love already.

In August, when he came back little did he know I was very very sick with the flu. Wanted to wrap myself in a burrito and sweat out the sick kind of sick. He messaged me saying that he missed me while he was gone and he was wondering if I wanted him to come over. I told him that I was really sick and that’s when he told me ‘Well, now I’m definitely coming over to give you some cuddles.’ I must have looked awfully ghost-like to him, but he was absolutely amazing. After making sure I had enough water, he asked if I wanted to hear a story about ‘the most magical place in the world’ and that it ‘might help with distracting me’ from how crappy I was feeling. I felt so inspired to go that I bought my tickets on a whim in November of 2015, went to my first rave the following month (Funk The Halls 2015 and this is where he asked me to be his girlfriend) and just started getting involved in this community. We went to Shambs together last year and it was the best thing that could have happened to our relationship. We met a bunch of amazingly beautiful people and made friendships that will last a lifetime. I had the pleasure of running into friends from high school that I had not seen in years.

Thanks to Shambs, we fell more in love and have made a commitment to be there every year. Our favorite part of Shambs was spending at least an hour every night under the wishing tree to get our vibes up before seeing our favourite DJs perform, and we also got the chance to meet Skiitour before they went onstage at the Amphitheater. I not only love how my boyfriend was able to inspire me to be my true self, I feel as though I’ve found a calling with what I’m doing now. I’ve started writing for a blog that I was reading when I first arrived in the scene, not only that…the love of my life and I are learning how to mix and produce music. Life could not be better than it is for me right now. Shambhala is amazing, you are amazing…everyone is amazing. Thank you so much. Can’t say that enough.

Posted by Mark Taylor on Saturday, February 11, 2017

Runner Up #2: Mark Taylor of Beauséjour, Manitoba

Here’s a true Shambhalove love story for you all! This will be my 10th year at Shambhala and my beautiful wife Matin Taylor this will be her 19th year she was at the very first Shambhala in 1998 only missed 2007. Back in 2011 she expressed to me she wanted to get married at Home in 2012 and have a wedding like no other and when she said home she was meaning at Shambhala.

So, the planning started in late 2011 and originally we were only gonna have a small simple wedding either at our camp site or down on the beach, however with the final few months leading up to the festival that changed with the help of Richard Hubbs securing us at a place to get married at the newly built tea house for that year in which he wanted us to be the first people to crisan it with our love under the arch way they built up top. This place is now known as the Coconut Hut! Also there was a man known as the “Water God” Wally Giza he was the man in the water truck who watered the grounds down up there for years to help with the dust control. Anyways, my wife Matin used to clean his house when she was a young teen, and so he offered to bring his 1967 Ford F700 fire truck with Wind-Up sirens bought from the Ymir fire department up there to bring us into downtown Shambhala on the Thursday afternoon. There was a human archway formed by our 35 wedding guests ranging from 20 years old all the way up to 65 years old – many of them Shambhala virgins! The guys were all along one side wearing blue, and the ladies in pink – however there weren’t enough of them so bi standers that were watching the wedding go down from down below helped finished forming the human archway, so we could do our bouquet & garter toss from the top of the fire truck right outside of the Fractal Forest. Then we were taken all around the grounds on the back of the fire truck with the lights and sirens going – it was like we were unofficially crowned the Queen and King of Shambhala! Close enough, because next year we crowned Jonah Ray and Jessie Holt as the King and Queen of Shambhala for 2013!

Anyways, this year is our 5th year anniversary and we will be renewing our vows and celebrating at Shambhala’s 20th anniversary – and even though we have our tickets, we would love to win this so we could show and spread our ShambhaLove, giving them away to two special people!

Happy Shambhala! Shambhalove!

Posted by Michael IL Purves on Sunday, February 12, 2017

 Runner Up #3: Michael IL Purves of Penticton, BC

Wow, i’m not even sure where to begin. My love and I’s story starts in 2010, but our first Shambhala together was not till 2012, we have been to the festival for 5 consecutive years. She attended in 2014 while 6 months pregnant with our baby girl. My girl worked all weekend for Fractal stage keeping the following year (2015), and at the end of her very last shift when the festival was coming to a close, I walked with her to the Village, her favourite place. And got down on one knee and proposed.

Fast forward 2016 we woke up early on the day of our ceremony, and ventured to the river to write our vows. The sun was shining, the vibes were amazing. It was calm, and serene, and beautiful. The living room stage had just started up. We had planned to have our ceremony in the rabbit hole area of the living room, the magic was stirring in the air. As synchronicity would have it, we were introduced to some of the lovely humans that spend their time back there and were welcomed into the space with open arms.

Our best friend got ordained in order to host our ceremony, and a surprise by all of our closest friends; as they not only gifted us with a vow book, collages of our family, (including our daughter & furbaby), and photos from us together from as far back as we’ve known each other, they also arranged for our handmade wire wrapped matching set by LightW`eaver Jewelry, and delivered them in a beautiful woodland handmade box. The set time we chose for our wedding was 2:30 on Friday during Fort Knox Five w/ Qdup. We have a connection with both Jon Horvath and Nick Alvarado and we knew though not in physical form, that they would be there to witness. Hearing Everyman on stage was a great surprise, and feeling Nick and Jon’s essence made it that much more powerful. The web that connects us is strong, and another friend showed up, dressed as a mushroom, and popped out flute boxing, while another came out blowing bubbles. Our bestie, our brother-shambha-camp-veteran (who was not able to make it), walked my girl down the isle as a photo on a stick, and gave her away. The overwhelming response of love radiating from patrons was breathtaking, people peering out of every hole in the rabbit space, familiar faces, glistening eyes, smiles, this was truly a moment of pure bliss and unconditional love. As I looked into the eyes of my loved one, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted in my life, and for everyone around me, triggering the ripple effect. The one thing that we can take on to our daily lives and spread like peanut butter (unless you’re allergic) and jam, the sweetest form of SHAMBHALOVE.

After our ceremony we embarked on an epic honeymoon trip around the farm. We discovered on this adventure that in our 5 years of Shambhala together, we had not truly shared our energy with one another. We were always on our own paths, but this year was the one that brought us closer together. Really confirmed that we are exactly where we are meant to be. Gazing into the eyes of my love in a new light, mirroring the magic and beauty in each other. Mobbing around the farm, coming into synchronicities everywhere. Missions, journeys, lessons, all interactions tied together by shared truth for LOVE and music.

I think that everyone who lands on the farm becomes aware that they are part of this ebb and flow, that ties us all in together in to something bigger. The potential to awaken to one another through the interactions we share. You are welcomed into this land; an endless sea of beautiful smiles and faces that you can’t help but feel the love radiating out of your own smile as your heart is blown wide open. This is our story of Shambhalove, and it doesn’t even scratch the surface of experience. See you for the 20th reunion and our anniversary, some how, some way.

Posted by Maggie Beth on Saturday, February 11, 2017

Shambhonourable Mention #1: Maggie Beth of Kelowna, BC

My best friend Cyd Ney Vee took me to my first Shambhala Music Festival in 2009 (she is the beautiful human in this photo wearing the afro with her hands in the air… safe to say she was very excited). The following year, her and her partner invited their friend Thomas Donald for his first Shamb. Little did they know, Tom would turn out to be the love of my life. We were crazy about each other from the moment we met.

3 years later, Tom surprised the pants off me when he proposed on stage at Fractal Forest during David Ayers (Disco Dave’s) set. It was one of the best days of my life. For those reasons and so many more, Shambhala is and will always be one of the most special places in the world to me.

Posted by Noboru Perran on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shambhonourable Mention #2: Noboru Perran of Minneapolis, MN / Chicago, IL

Ever since I heard Excision ’09 set I knew I wanted to go to Shambhala. However, did have an opportunity to go until 2015. I told Emily Griffin-Wetzel, my girlfriend at the time about it and of course she wanted to go! We made the drive from Chicago with another one of our friends and it was well 30 plus hours of driving. We were so worried about getting a good camping spot that we drove non-stop. Minutes after we got in the line-up we passed out on the ground next to our car. Soon we were waking up by death metal and very intoxicated people. These people ended up being some of the best people I’ve ever met in the world. They invited us to camp with them, they told us all the inside scoops and how to navigate through Shambhala.

So the time finally happens, Emily and I are at Excision’s set hanging out at the back left of the village and I am just dancing away perfectly content. Then I noticed that Emily wasn’t really feeling it which was odd because Excision is our favorite dubstep producer. We talk, and it turns out she was embarrassed because even though she loves dubstep, she didn’t know how to dance to it without “looking funny”. We kept talking and I simply reminded her of the true meaning of Shambhala. We can her to be free that includes from judgement. What took place afterwards changed our lives. We spent the rest of the set dancing however we wanted. We taught each other dance’s moves and we even started “dance battling” each other and other people around us. We were in heaven but the true beauty from that was that I got see my girlfriend of 3 years truly be herself. I was so enchanted that the only thing that was going through my head was “you need to spend the rest of your life with this woman.”

After Excision’s set we were walking back to our camp. I have a bad knee from playing rugby (which Emily knew about) so I stopped her and said, “Hey babe can I lean on you for a second my knee is acting up from dancing?” So I’m leaning on her rubbing my knee and then BOOM I drop down on one knee and ask her to marry me. Obliviously she said yes!

We returned for our 2nd year in 2016 for our wedding underneath the wishing tree and were married by the amazing Rob Forrest wearing a T-rex suit and surrounded by all of our old friends and new ones. We’re coming back every year to celebrate our anniversary.

Shambhonourable Mention #3: Michelle Leus of Edmonton, AB

Shambhala Music Festival has been many things for me. It’s been magic eye opening experiences, it’s been irreplaceable memories with the coolest cats I could have the honor of knowing, and it’s been a beautiful love story. Early 2016 I met my boyfriend out dancing 🙂 I came down to a show in Calgary (I’m from Edmonton) & we hit it off to some Panda Funk, and a few days later I was off on a European adventure backpacking the globe. We never skipped a beat, and I flew back in a few months later straight to Motion Notion Festival (official). I wasn’t expecting anything, but slynking around to the best psytrance in our onesies at four AM made me wonder if I’d ever felt this way about someone . The week between mono and shamb I was going to spend it with my mom in Calgary, but we ended up inseperable. Our first date we climbed moose mountain and watched the meteor shower, we saw over 100 shooting stars. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yeah 😛 . I left for Shambhala Music Festival and he wasn’t going to be there that year, so I went with da squad. I spent the day adventuring, and being smitten found my phone and called to tell him bout my day. When we said goodbye, I accidently said I love you. I didn’t mean to say it, because we had just started to be a thing, but I didn’t want to take it back. Because I meant it… Annnnd I hung up quick haha. I dug my phone out to take a video of Kygos firestone to send to him and when I turned my phone back on there was a message waiting saying I love you too and I’m movin to edmonton for you.
And he did. It was at that moment at the front of the Pagoda that I turned to the girl beside me and hugged her so tight. I hope she’s doing good, the whole crowd and I basked in the afterglow that is love and tropical house music, and I realized that there are so many beautiful things on this earth to cherish .

Shamb has shown me so so much , but I’ll never forget how I felt in that moment.
And 2 years later, we have a house to call our own with sweet fat unicorn murals, we have so many incredible friends that I owe the world to, and we have three ferrrrret furrrr babies who are so wonderful.

Posted by Cora Benita on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shambhonourable Mention #4: Cora Benita of Edmonton, AB / Winnipeg, MB

For the Love of Music, and Each other!!!

Me and my Eric Benito meet on our way to Ultra Miami. We fell in LOVE at that festival and knew we never wanted to be apart!

My love proposed to me at our special lil spot on the Salmo River 2 years later!! It took me by surprise, and I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to say yes.. But he knew, we both knew and the wedding planning began! I wanted a very natural ceremony and that what Shambhala provided us that year!! As I gazed upon the Wishing Tree, there were odes to Earth Wind Air & Fire.. Of course this is where our ceremony was meant to be! When I asked the tree if we could seal our sacred bond there, the waterfall feature started pouring water with delight!! It was a magical union of two souls destined for one another!!!

Later that evening in Fractal a girl came up to us and said she got to witness our union. She said she had lost her faith in love. But after she seen the way he looked at me that she knew love was possible for her again!!! Thats what Shambhalove does!!!! Pure inspirational goodness!!!!


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