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Shield joins us at Shambhala this year for his debut appearance from Copenhagen, Denmark. With a Masters Degree in percussion, it should be no surprise that the syncopation on his latest releases on Ivy Lab’s 20/20 LDN label have been turning heads all across the bass music scene. 

In advance of his Amphitheatre set in August, we’ve teamed up with Booms and Claps to release his 45-minute set in collaboration – and it not only features some of the jazziest, funkiest Halftime we’ve heard to date, but you’ll also hear bone-crushing exclusives like the “My Flava” VIP. No tracklisting on this one! 😉

We arranged for an interview with Shield, with is hosted on Booms and Claps, as well as here below..

First off, tell us a bit about Shield. You’re from Denmark is it? What is it that turned you on to bass music, and production? Are there any landmark artists in particular from your area that we might know of, that acted as initial inspiration to you?

Hi there!

Yes, I’m a proud Dane, born and raised in Copenhagen. I’m 29 and I have a Masters Degree in classical percussion from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. When I started my Bachelors, I got myself Logic 8 and just tried different stuff, but what really excited me was producing drum & bass, which later on changed into more beats / Hip-hop related stuff. I was close to quitting a lot of times, but thankfully I never gave up.

What really got me into bass music was ‘Anatomy LP’ by Calyx and Teebee. My best friend & I rinsed the shit out of that album and it just had that energy we couldn’t find in any other genre. We then started to go to a lot of crazy dubstep or d’n’b raves, and quickly after that I started practicing mixing vinyl, which led to getting booked locally. Fast forward a few years and I’m suddenly finding myself booked to play for huge crowds and festivals I never would have predicted

–> But yes, we definitely have some great artists in Denmark.

MC Black Daniels has been my mentor/partner and always been supportive about my music over the past five years while we have been working and touring together. We’re always cooking something up, whether that be live shows or producing together in the studio – for instance, we’ve got a new EP dropping very soon! He’s performed with the biggest names in drum & bass over the years, and is the guy who gets shit done! He is also the head-honcho of CART Records, which I help him manage in terms of artists and mix/masters and such.

Beastie Respond is a good friend and has his own unique sound. He has released on great labels such as Exit Records, TEAL, Circle Vision and CART Records. Whenever he sends me new bits, it’s always something different – a proper analog sound and always catchy hooks!

Bwoy De Bhajan is a producer that I stumbled upon while surfing Soundcloud some years ago. His adventurous soundscapes and exotic beats really stick out and I haven’t actually asked him officially, but I would love to make an EP with that guy! He has released on Iboga Records, 1.62, and other exciting labels. He’s definitely one to watch! 

Could you tell us a bit about the mix you’ve submitted? Any fellow Shambhala artists included – or names that folks might not have heard yet, but should be keeping an eye out for? 

The mix is a blend of what I love to play, but also what I love to listen to. There are some bangers from fellow Shambhala artists such as Ivy Lab, Bleep Bloop and of course myself, and I’ve also included new stuff from Bass Brothers, Craze, T>I & Upgrade, CRIMES! and Black Daniels. Deep, dirty, smooth or weird – it’s all about the journey! 🙂 

Have you been to Canada before? Or heard much about Shambhala? Tell us what you may have heard about the festival before getting booked to come play, if you could..

This will be my Canadian debut, which I’m really excited about! I heard about Shambhala last year, cause some friends told me they heard Sub Focus play ‘My Flava’ there, so I immediately checked out his set and was blown away with the settings and the crowd! Atmosphere looks amazing and a lot of the producers I know now tells me it’s one for the books – Hyped!

Your Shambhala set this summer: when & where will you be playing, and what are you cooking up for it?

I will perform at the Amphitheatre Stage late in the afternoon, sharing the stage with people I’ve been looking up to for years – I’m truly honoured to be a part of this!

I’m preparing a set filled with exclusives from myself and of course all my friends – it will be a journey between wonky beats and the dirty edges of drum & bass.

How is your summer shaping otherwise? Any other performance plans you are notably excited about?

Summer is looking great already. I just played Tipper & Friends in Florida, which was absolutely amazing. The sound system was on point and the visuals were on another level! Next up I’m playing Skank’n’Bass in Belgium, which is a huge drum & bass event with a lot of friends on the line up, so should be fun. Then I have some time off in July, where I’m gonna stay inside the studio and finalize a lot of new ones. In August I’ve got Shambhala and we’re just finalizing an incredible after-party, which is gonna be so sick! After Shambhala I’m touring around Canada with the Greazus boys, the tour schedule will be posted soon. Then to end the summer with a bang, I’m playing Outlook in Pula, Croatia – which has been my goal since I started producing. After all the great festivals, it’ll be time to hit the studio once again to cook up another batch of heaters!

Lastly, what else can we expect to see from Shield over the next year? Are there any fiery-hot forthcomings that we should be keeping track of?

Hmmm, I got some tracks forthcoming on Vandal, CART, 20/20 and loads more. I’m always trying to make something proper weird, and then making it suitable for both dancefloors and headphones. Usually it works, but sometimes the tunes just end up being a dub 4 life haha 🙂

Cheers guys!


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