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Pigeon Hole are no strangers to the Shambhala Mix Series, having turned in incredibly strong efforts for us in the past. This year, in advance of their scheduled performance on The Village Stage (Saturday evening, 7pm) they turned in a particularly hyphy set, stacked with exclusives and bangers from themselves and their homeys. Stream or download the set below, and tune into a quick word from the Pigeon Hole boys themselves about the mix..

••> “We put this mix together in between playing some festivals. We were hoping to make something energetic that people could turn up load, and bump on the road out to Shambhala or whatever else they’re up to..

We start things off with our latest release ‘Headnod’ which just dropped on Saturate Records. Most of the mix carries on with that beat & Halftime vibe, including exclusives from artists like Mark Instinct, Ivy lab, Tsuruda, Kursa and a bunch of our current favourite producers..

Hope you guys like what we put together for you and can’t wait to catch you on the farm!”


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