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Initially stepping into the music scene as a vocalist, Pedestrian’s route has changed course over the years, veering towards the world of house and techno. Now known for captivating audiences with his intricate, melodic sound – Pedestrian said he’s eager to soak in the vibes of Shambhala..

“I usually like to be at a festival for a couple of days, or at least a day, so I can really soak up the vibe of a particular place. It really informs as to what should be played at the time you’re scheduled to play. I relish in delivering what’s needed at that particular time of the party,” Pedestrian told us.

The producer said he’s been heavily influenced by old friends Maribou State, which is recognizable in his current collaborative project, North Downs. Maribou State is also performing at Shambhala this year – 11pm Sunday Night on The Grove Stage.

“It’s a little bit of a different flavour, more live instrumentation and more singing from yours truly, but still with a healthy dose of electronica,” he said.

Pedestrian said he’s also been collaborating on the new Maribou State album, which he said is set to be complete fairly soon. If his own project and working on the M. State LP weren’t enough on his plate, he’s also “building a studio from the ground up,” which he’s “really excited about.”

While you may not have heard his name, Pedestrian is no stranger to the electronic music world.. Racking in hundreds of thousands of plays on his tracks across Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud, tracks like his single “Pick Your Shots Clean” have accumulated 110,000 alone. Mind you, it’s the Jasperdrum collab “Kalakuta” released by 2nd Drop Records a few years back, that stands as a personal favourite around here..

The Living Room Stage and everyone here at Shambhala are eagerly anticipating the trancelike state that is sure to be offered up by Pedestrian’s Beach-side set this August. For an even more accurate representation of what to expect from the set itself, check out his jazz-inspired Boiler Room guest spot from 2012..


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