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KMLN are a super-duo of sorts, comprised of Canadian producer/DJ Shawna Hofmann – who has a long and decorated history of performing at the festival – alongside uber-producer Christopher Tooker. They adopted the name KMLN, or ‘Kameleon’ due to their shapeshifting nature. This year you can catch them on The Living Room Stage, Sunday night at 12:30am – but in the meantime, take in their Afrikhomage set, which is released today as part our mix series.. Below that, we’ve got a few words from Shawna of KMLN where she talks about the mix, her relationship with the festival, and what’s coming up for KMLN..

We are honored to have been chosen for Mix #17 of the Shambhala 2017 Mix Series.

It’s a themed mix dedicated to the mother of music and rhythm Africa, we pay homage to the roots of syncopation and polyrhythm.  This is only one of the many colors you might hear form us live this year at Shambhala. Be ready to come on the chameleon spaceship as we visit places you’ve never been. 

I, (Shawna), have been playing at Shambhala for over a decade and it has remained the whole while, one of my most favorite festivals in the world. Now to be able to contribute with my new musical incarnation with Christopher Tooker as KMLN, I feel grateful to deliver another flavor of sonic sophistication to a festival that truly appreciates diversity and depth in sound.

Shambhala is a place for many, many multitudes of young Canadians to learn about music, art and what festival life can teach about living in community. Things learned in this environment are so fundamental and probably quite overlooked. Like the basics of self awareness and self care. Even hydration is something taken for granted in life until one dances/runs/plays/swims/suns hard for days straight in the beauteous nature of that golden family land. Keep learning and loving kids, because someday these basics may be what holds together our new world 

We’ve had quite the last 6 months visiting and playing in over 20 countries, many for the first time. 

After a much needed couple weeks of family, rest and studio time at Christopher’s homeland in Sardinia, we are back on tour playing this weekend in Turkey before returning to the States and playing in NYC, and finally circling back to Shawna’s homeland and playing the 20 year anniversary of Shambhala!! The rest of the summer’s tour highlights are definitely Oregon Eclipse and Burning Man. After the summer we’re excited for more focused time building our new recording studio, making new music before the cycle starts again, with a smile on our face since we’re doing what we love most!!  


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