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Great musicians are born all over the world, and Sajeeb Saha from Bangladesh – better known as Jai Wolf – is a shining example. By the age of 5, Sajeeb had already found his love for music through his discovery of the violin. After moving to New York and earning his spot on the New York All State Orchestra, he realized he wanted to move his music in a new direction.

He experimented with mash-ups and bootlegs for a few years when finally, in 2014, he launched the Jai Wolf project. His music gained serious momentum, earning support from the likes of Dirty South, Alesso and ODESZA. Then, near the tail end of 2014, Skrillex stumbled across a bootleg remix of his own “Ease My Mind” track by Jai – which he says immediately entered into rotation in his own sets, then making its way on to a remix EP released by OWSLA.

Soon after, Jai Wolf released his debut single, “Indian Summer,” on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective imprint – a track that now has over 35 million plays on Spotify, 15 million on Soundcloud, and 10 million on YouTube.

Jai Wolf’s rapid growth has earned him headlining performances at festivals across North America, showing that his melodic, feel-good vibe has accumulated quite a large following – but he’s managed to stay humble about the whole situation, which is evident in the Thump magazine mini bio-pic at the top..

Now, hot off a new single called “Starlight”, Jai Wolf is ready to take on Shambhala for the first time.

“I have a lot of friends who have already played Shambhala and they had nothing but good things to say about the festival. It seems like one of those festivals where everyone is there for the music, and is on the vibe-y side,” he told us.

Well, vibey is right – and we can’t wait to show him wait we’re all about – and vice versa! You can catch Jai Wolf at Shambhala this year on Saturday night on The Pagoda Stage, from 8:30-9:45pm!


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