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One of Nelson’s most consistent house DJs, DeBlock has played the Pagoda Stage the past three years running. So when he offered to put a set together for this year’s mix series – we jumped at the chance to feature him! Have a listen, and be sure to catch his set at the festival in August!

Hi Mark, thanks for contributing to the series – tell us a bit about the mix! Any artists that you have you included that you are particularly excited about, that we might not have heard about yet?

This mix is more representative of the “party-banging” style of house music that I enjoy, though I regularly seek out and enjoy different 4/4 sounds from around the globe to play in different situations. For instance, I like to play lots deeper house, but this set focuses on the style of house that I like to play out..

One artist that I’d like to mention is Kyle Watson.. He’s based out of South Africa, and his sound caught my ear immediately, due to the progressive bass-lines commonly found in his work. Have a listen:

Where else can we find you this summer? We’ve heard lots of good things about Gnosis over the past couple years, and so it’s disappointing to hear that it’s not happening.. You experienced issues with the venue?

I’ll be at Kamp Festival near Nakusp over Canada Day long weekend – the other big summer festival for me – where I’ll be managing the side-stage called ‘The Bodega’ with the Lost Boys Collective.

This festival features a truly forward-thinking concept of an activity-based party environment where we can get together to compete and get proper exercise by day, and then party it up at night and enjoy some top-class talent from all over the globe.. The overall feel is more of a family-friendly, inclusive vibe – which is refreshing!

The Bodega Stage that we work on is going to be beefed up big-time this year. Just a couple weeks ago we had an inspiring meeting with Byron and the crew, which saw us making major plans for the stage build with a larger design and lay-out, big advancements in the sound install, and a few more exciting details to be confirmed..

Gnosis is a bit of at tough topic.. It would have been our 5th year but we have had to take a step back. The venue we’ve used for the past 3 years had run its course, as it was unsanctioned, and we were employing loopholes in the permissions of the Land Act to make it all work – and the bottom line is that we did not want to overstay our welcome.. We’re working towards bringing it back for next year!

You’re based in Nelson, BC – what is it that you keep yourself occupied around there?

I do my best to embrace the “Kootenay Lifestyle” – I enjoy lots of fishing, camping, and hiking – as well as lots of partying within the community! There’s always something to do around here on the weekends – bush parties, club nights, secluded beach or mountain get-togethers, and so much more..

I also own and operate a small business called “Clearwater Seasonal Services,” which was once owned by Captain Ryan Tapp, who had worked closely with Shambhala in the past..

I have also been curating a monthly event at Bloom Nightclub called the Get Up Get Down – later tonight we’ve got Lenny Kiser from San Francisco lined up to play our season finale!


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