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A bonafide veteran of the festival, Cut La Whut has a long and colourful past with the festival. Making the pilgrimage up from Jackson Hole, Wyoming since 2004, it’s only by chance that he was invited to fill in for a last-minute set on the Rock Pit that he became a performing member of the Shambhala Farmily. He tells the whole story below the mix, but first – press play and soak in the feel-good party vibes he’s strung together for our mix series – this set is sure to put a smile on your face and inject some swagger into your step.. Don’t miss his set on The Pagoda Stage this year – Sunday evening from 5:30-7pm just before Mat The Alien!

My relationship with Shambhala goes back to 2004, which was my initial introduction to any large-scale musical gathering or festival of its kind. There were only a couple thousand people there, I bet.. 

It made such an impact on me I signed up to volunteer the next year as soon as I could. Me and my buddy Jeff would drive up from Wyoming the next year, and many years after that, to rake rocks off the beach so when the sand trucks came in it was buttery smooth and no one was rolling an ankle while they were breakin’ it down so to speak…. 

Then it happened. One year, whoever was suppose to open the Rock Pit, was absent.. Sara Spicer came cruising up to our camp and asked if I had brought records, to which I quickly responded – OF COURSE!! So I got to rock the opening slot of Shambhala with a solid 2 hour set on a Thursday night! It was such an amazing energy that I tapped into, getting to play a special time slot like that, with such a responsive crowd. In fact, I’d say it was one of the most monumental points in my DJ career that set the course for the next bit. I was introduced to Cal Bass, Lorne Burlington, Neighbour, Mandeep/Wax Romeo, Coach and a whole slew of Canadian OG’s during those years and the Homebreakin Records crew took me in as family. They would release my mixtapes through their label and sell at their booth at Shambhala for many years! I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of many of the Funk Jams every Sunday at the festival which are also unforgettable!

I can’t say thank you enough to Sara Spicer for giving me the once in a lifetime opportunity, a big shout out to Hoola for always trying to get a Skid Rod show anywhere he could back in the day, Robbie Campbell for stealing me from the Beach crew as he saw more potential in me for the Pagoda Posse (which is a whole ‘nother chapter in my Shambhala story), the Homebreakin Crew and the unforgettable times between the Farm, Calgary, and everywhere in between.

I wanna give a shout out to Josh Evin for being such an animal and an inspiration to so many people. Jon Horvath, for being such a good friend and DJ, i miss you!! A few others that I also want to say thank you to for times from the farm that had an impact on my life  are Tia Star, Naomi Dankwerth, Sarmad Rizvi, Smalltown Pete and Mike (The Hifi is one of my all time favorite places to play or see a show), Bryan Hassard for making me step up my Shambhala fashion sense, the ENTIRE Homebreakin’ Records Posse and thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people who come to Shambhala. It is without a doubt THE BEST VIBES a deejay could ever ask for.

I made this mix with all of this in mind. It’s a two part mix with a little bit of everything thrown in. Funk, House, DnB, & Reggae – it’s all in there!

This also acts as the first installment of a new mix series I’m launching, which I cal, The Way of the Whut! Lock on to my socials to keep an eye out for more. Hit play, and I hope you dig!!

PEACE – Cut la Whut


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