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  1. britz robins

    New ShambhaLodging Sites Available

    Want to make your Shambhala20 the ultimate experience? Additional ShambhaLodging Sites now available! The ShambhaLodging zone has been undergoing some landscaping and terracing work that has allowed us to open up a few, new, shaded sites tucked away in the forest. These extra ShambhaLoding packages are available as an upgrade...
  2. Jake Dubconscious

    The Polish Ambassador •• SMF 2017 Artist Spotlight

    Now 17 albums deep, with his most recent Color of Flight released just a few short months ago, The Polish Ambassador is ready for his inaugural year at Shambhala on The Grove Stage, which will double as just his second ever Canadian appearance. “I’ve heard it’s Canada’s ‘best festival’ countless times,” he told us. “...
  3. britz robins

    On The Road to Shambhala from the USA

    For all our Shambhalovelies arriving from south of the border – here are some tips to ensure a smooth arrival!   DOCUMENTS REQUIRED:   All travelers crossing the border require a passport, NEXUS card OR an enhanced drivers license (if offered in your state).   RECOMMENDED DRIVING ROUTES:   1....
  4. Jake Dubconscious

    melo.nade •• SMF 2017 Mix Series

    A regular fixture at the Grove and a bonafide Gnomie through and through, Calgary’s melo.nade has come through with a stellar mix of downtempo-inspired bass music. Unconventional syncopation and contemplative basslines are the order of the day, turn it up loud and get familiar with the mellow sounds of melo.nade....
  5. Jake Dubconscious

    Soohan •• SMF 2017 Mix Series

    Press play and you might think you’re sitting down for a heartwarming cinematic experience a lá Home Alone or a similarly PG holiday flick.. We assure you, it is indeed a romp through a vast array of underground styles of bass music, with Soohan’s unique infusion of ethnic music influences...


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