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  1. Jake Dubconscious

    KMLN •• SMF 2017 Mix Series

    KMLN are a super-duo of sorts, comprised of Canadian producer/DJ Shawna Hofmann – who has a long and decorated history of performing at the festival – alongside uber-producer Christopher Tooker. They adopted the name KMLN, or ‘Kameleon’ due to their shapeshifting nature. This year you can catch them on The...
  2. Jake Dubconscious

    Pigeon Hole •• SMF 2017 Mix Series

    Pigeon Hole are no strangers to the Shambhala Mix Series, having turned in incredibly strong efforts for us in the past. This year, in advance of their scheduled performance on The Village Stage (Saturday evening, 7pm) they turned in a particularly hyphy set, stacked with exclusives and bangers from themselves...
  3. Jake Dubconscious

    Pedestrian •• SMF 2017 Artist Spotlight

    Initially stepping into the music scene as a vocalist, Pedestrian’s route has changed course over the years, veering towards the world of house and techno. Now known for captivating audiences with his intricate, melodic sound – Pedestrian said he’s eager to soak in the vibes of Shambhala.. “I usually like...
  4. Jake Dubconscious

    Fluxo •• SMF 2017 Mix Series

    Fluxo is the proud owner of the biggest smile on the team. This summer you can catch him at the 20th Annual Shambhala on The Living Room Stage, where he’ll be DJing at 1:30pm on Saturday afternoon – going as far to turn in a rare mix in anticipation of...


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